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Diplomacy Is Not An Option Reveals Launch Plans For November

Door 407 reveals what they have in store for Diplomacy Is Not An Option when the game is fully released later this year.

Developer and publisher Door 407 revealed their plans for the release of Diplomacy Is Not An Option when the game comes out in November. Right now, the game is sitting in Early Access while they make improvements and slowly grind their way to the full release. This past week they dropped a new trailer, as well as a blog on Steam going over some of what they have in store in the months to come and the game's post-release. We got a snippet of the info below and the trailer, as its clear the team are looking to make this a supported game for years to come.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option Set For Release In January 2022
Credit: Door 407

"Diplomacy Is Not An Option was designed as a survival game. Hunger, disease, war with vastly superior enemy forces, and other hardships of medieval life were supposed to be the main and only obstacles between you and victory. We had planned several factions for you to fight against, each with special abilities and thus provide mission variety. The first draft of the script contained twelve missions, and story branching that only affected cutscenes and dialogues. But we wanted more from the campaign, so we increased the mission number and added a wider range of objectives, necessitating a completely rewritten script. Here are a couple of examples of the challenges we faced."

"Let's start with victory conditions. A pretty typical mission objective in the real-time strategy genre is to get your squad from point A to point B. In the case of Diplomacy Is Not An Option, the question arises: how long will that journey take, especially given the procedural map generation? Won't your squad die from starvation or disease on its way? Imagine you have to storm someone's castle. There are archers and catapults on the walls, and your troops are trying to break through the enemy's defenses. But all the enemies currently in DiNaO are designed to lay siege to your base, rather than playing any kind of defensive role. We are currently experimenting with all sorts of victory conditions, and have already found a number of solutions that will allow us to deliver a full and traditional RTS campaign within our gameplay framework."

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