Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates A Six Month Anniversary

It's been six months since War Of The Visions launched into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, so Square Enix is throwing a small celebration. In honor of the mobile game's milestone, players can participate in the first part of the Six-Month Anniversary Campaign, which will bring a bunch of new content and rewards. Not to mention festivities to life in the game itself which including special events, daily missions, login bonuses, free Summons, and a plethoras of more option on the way. You can see and read more about the celebration below, including two new Vision Cards you can get between now until September 29the called "Keepers of the Crystal" and "In Search of Myrrh".

Two pieces of art from the anniversary, courtesy of Square Enix.
Two pieces of art from the anniversary, courtesy of Square Enix.
  • New Summonable Unit – Players can summon Sterne (Knight of Ruin), a brand-new and powerful UR unit. He can perform the Limit Burst "Destructive Fang," which deals large damage to a target and absorbs the same amount of damage inflicted.
  • Free UR Guaranteed Summons – Players can perform a free 10x Summon daily until September 29, totaling up to 70 Summons. This Summon guarantees one UR unit or vision card, which will alternate between the two each day throughout the period the banner is available.
  • A Present from Global version Producer Hiroki – In honor of the release of the third episode of the War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Updates series, all players will be awarded a special gift of 2,000 Visiore, 80 million Gil and a variety of rare awakening and enhancement materials. Players can claim this reward from their present boxes until October 20.
  • Trials of Reckoning Event – Players can earn Medals and Boss Battle Tickets by completing quests in this brand-new type of event. Medals can be used for the limited-time event Summon, from which players can obtain Rare 10x Summon Tickets, the Crafting Recipe for the UR equipment item "Ribbon," crafting materials and much more. Additionally, players can compete in individual and Guild rankings for the Trials of Reckoning, based on the amount of damage taken and number of chains performed, to earn additional ranking rewards.
  • Six-Month Anniversary Log-in Bonus – Players can claim up to 2,500 Visiore, a Rainbow Fragment of Thought and other character-enhancing materials by logging in daily.
Sterne (Knight of Ruin) as seen in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Courtesy of Square Enix.
Sterne (Knight of Ruin) as seen in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Courtesy of Square Enix.

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