For Some Reason, Someone Put Skyrim On A Pregnancy Test

You know the joke of how you can play Skyrim on pretty much everything? Well, now you can do it on a pregnancy test. So let's start at the beginning with the fact that there are some really awesome pregnancy tests out there in the world. A few different companies make ones that have a digital display on them, so instead of just waiting around for a stick to change color, you can get a faster readout from a small LCD screen that will just tell you the results without any guesswork. (Well, unless you don't trust them and want to go visit a doctor anyway.) Depending on the model you purchase you can get anything from just simple text to a full screen that, while tiny, can hold and load animations. So, of course, people cracked those things open to mess around with the software inside to see what else they could do.

Imagine playing Skyrim while finding out if you're pregnant... Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.
Imagine playing Skyrim while finding out if you're pregnant… Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

The latest example of that comes from Foone, who decided to experiment with the design a bit and see what he could load. In a thread of display changes, you can see him load up a few different videos to a replacement OLED display for the Equate pregnancy test. Which includes loading up "Bad Apple" and the Stick Bug meme. But probably the best of the bunch for gamers is that he loaded up the opening cutscene to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Its a thing of beauty and is a lot more entertaining than sitting around waiting for a timer to tell you Yes or No. Now, for the next step… actually making the game playable on a pregnancy test instead of just loading up a video. We're sure if you give someone enough time, they'll make it happen.

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