"Surviving Mars" Receives An "Evans" Update With Some Bug Fixes

Paradox Interactive released a brand new update to Surviving Mars this week that fixes a few lingering issues across a few additions to the game. The company threw out what they're calling the "Evans" Update, which we have the details for you below, which addresses issues in the main game, Green Planet, and the OSX version. Nothing too major that will throw your game into a tizzy, but enough to where you might want to add it in. You know, if you like your colonists breathing air between domes. Or have them actually drink water when they decide to leave their dome. You know, the usual survival instincts of humans.

"Surviving Mars" Receives An "Evans" Update With Some Bug Fixes
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Surviving Mars:

  • Fixed an issue that caused colonists' suffocation when moving between domes. This issue was reported here.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to freeze when a drone is trying to create a stockpile at an invalid location.

  • Fixed an issue that caused colonists to roam outside their domes when dehydrated.

Green Planet:

  • Fixed an issue that causes the colonists to roam outside when dehydrated.

OSX Version:

  • Fixed an issue that caused noticeable frame drops when displaying a lake. This issue was reported here.

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