From The Rumor Mill: Are We Getting Dying Light 2 at E3?

The last time we were at E3, we went to a Techland panel where they talked about all the good things coming for the next year. In that meeting, the company specifically told media and other attendees that they would not abandon Dying Light and had tons of content planned for the future. And true to their word, the company has released a few DLC packs over the past calendar year. However, if you believe the rumor mill today, it appears Techland are preparing to announce a sequel at E3 in a few weeks. The news came down from Polish news site GraczposPolita, who claim an independent source let them know they were working on Dying Light 2. Here's a brief translated snippet from the article.

Dying Light

Currently, the studio focuses on the preparation of a high-quality trailer to be presented at the upcoming E3 fairs in Los Angeles (12-14 June). When asked about the release of Dying Light: Bad Blood, which focuses on the multiplayer game in the style of battle royale, is the chance to develop it in Dying Light 2, I heard that "it is very likely". Bad Blood is to be the first real test for this mode in the DL world. I also received confirmation that it was delayed with the announcement, because the first part of Dying Light is still supported and the team focuses on the mentioned Bad Blood. It sounds completely logical.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise us to learn that a sequel is in the works. But to have something to show by E3 after all the talk of keeping the first game active is a little sketchy. We'll see exactly what the company has in store when we get to E3 in three weeks.

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