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Dragon Ball Super's $2K+ Vegeta God Rare Soars In Value

Earlier this month, Bandai released the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game set, Realm of the Gods. True to its name, this set focused on the deities of Akira Toriyama's universe. However, it is "godly" in another way, as it introduced "God Rare" as the new, ultimate rarity in the DBSCG. Prior to the release of this landmark set, Secret Rares (SCRs) were the highest rarity available and were already more difficult to obtain than many other card games. Comparing, say, the Pokémon TCG to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, a case of Pokémon TCG booster boxes contains six boxes and, in my experience, generally yields between five to even ten Secret Rares. A case of DBSCG contains twelve booster boxes and has a guarantee of two, and no more than two, SCRs. Now, God Rares are even harder to come by with some collectors suggesting that they are as rare as one per three cases. With only one printed so far featuring Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, this immediately became the most sought-after card in the hobby. Earlier this month, I covered its value shortly after release. Let's take a look at its alarming trajectory.

Vegeta God Rare. Credit: Dragon Ball Super

My first piece on the value of this card clocked it as "$1,500+" as we saw sales of that amount with the price of the remaining stock in the secondary market increasing. So what does this coveted card look like now?

SSB Vegeta, Unbridled Power God Rare from Dragon Ball Super Card Game's new set, Realm of the Gods, is currently noted on TCGPlayer to have a market value of $1,729.99 with a listed median price of $3,224.24. The value is on the rise, though, as the last sale made was on March 23rd, for $2,499.99. There are currently no listings of the card for under $2,999.99. One listing meets that price with the other set at $3,448.48. On eBay, auctions rage on and the value of graded versions of the card soars even higher.

One thing I wonder… with God Rares, what is Bandai's incentive? This does get collectors and media talking, of course, but it seems at the expense of creating a volatile secondary market. Could Dragon Ball Super Card Game be attempting to create a similar wave of hype to Pokémon TCG's 2020 – 2021 scalping craze?

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