Funstock Announces Several Atari Jaguar Cartridge Releases

Funstock revealed this morning that will be releasing several Atari Jaguar titles on cartridge for you to collect and play all over again. There aren't a lot of people going out of their way to take titles from this console and reproduce them in physical form. More often than not you're seeing people re-release a game as simply a download, or maybe they'll go the extra mile and make a package deal out of it with some collectibles. These are reproduced cartridges with the original game in the boxes with instruction manuals included, each one going for about $63. You can currently pre-order them at the link above until August 2nd, with them shipping out sometime in September. You can read up more on all three games below.

A look at all three Atari Jaguar titles being released, courtesy of Funstock.
A look at all three Atari Jaguar titles being released, courtesy of Funstock.

Head Over Heels: Two distinct characters, Mr. Head and Mr. Heels are played in this arcade adventure game. Both separated at the shoulders, but can join together to boost their abilities. These abilities become complementary when the player combines them together after completing roughly a sixth of the game. Compared to its predecessors, the game offers unique and revolutionary gameplay, complex puzzles, and more than 300 rooms to explore.

Impossamole: Impossamole features the cape-clad superhero Monty Mole who is recruited by aliens to retrieve their sacred scrolls. The first four levels may be played in any order, the player progresses horizontally as well as climbing up ladders to complete the levels.

Switchblade: Switchblade is a side-scrolling action-platform game with run and gun elements where players assume the role of Hiro on his quest through a subterranean labyrinth in Undercity. Fighting against enemies and avoiding hazards, the aim of the game is to reunite 16 scattered fragments of the sacred Fireblade sword and use it against Havok, an evil entity who broke free from his imprisonment.

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