GO Battle League Season Four Is Live In Pokémon GO

Season Four of GO Battle League, the player-versus-player arena in Pokémon GO, is now live. Players can access the in-game Battle option, which will lead them to the GO Battle League interface where they can be randomly matched to other trainers worldwide. The season has kicked off with Great League, which features a 1500 CP limit for all Pokémon. The rewards for Season Four are the same as the previous season, but there has been an intriguing change to the way that the ranking works.

GO Battle League Season Four is Live in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
GO Battle League Season Four is Live in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

The way that players hit different ranks in GO Battle League has changed in Season Four. Here are the ranks and their requirements:

  • Rank One: Players will begin the season here
  • Rank Two: Five battles
  • Rank Three: Two wins
  • Rank Four: Four wins
  • Rank Five: Eight wins
  • Rank Six: Fifteen wins
  • Rank Seven: Twenty-five wins
  • Rank Eight: Fifty wins
  • Rank Nine: 100 wins
  • Rank Ten: A rating of 3000

Wins are not cumulative. To get to Rank Four, for example, four wins must be achieved in Rank Three, as the Rank Two wins are only counted toward advancing to Rank Three. This new system will make it easier for some players to hit Rank Nine with patience and time put in, but Season Four is keeping Rank Ten as a lofty achievement. Rank Ten is a coveted goal for PVPers not only for bragging rights but because the rewards feature the exclusive Pikachu Libre, a Pokémon that can only be caught by the select few who make it to this rank.

The Great League will run until September 28th at 1 PM Pacific, at which point the Ultra League will become available along with its Premier Cup that bans Legendary Pokémon. Before the switch, though, there will be a special GO Battle Night on September 24th at 6 PM local time that will introduce a Flying Cup.

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