Whatever Happened To GO Battle Day: Pidgey In Pokémon GO?

GO Battle Day: Pidgey was first discovered in Pokémon GO's code with Magikarp Community Day, an event that has come and gone. It was then assumed that this event would take place during the Flying Cup, a new event that Niantic announced would be coming during GO Battle League: Season Three. Now, though, Season Three is wrapping up, and the event is nowhere to be found… until now. Here's what GO Battle Day: Pidgey and the Flying Cup have become.

What Ever Happened to GO Battle Day: Pidgey in Pokémon GO?. Credit: Niantic & The Pokémon Company
What Ever Happened to GO Battle Day: Pidgey in Pokémon GO? Credit: Niantic & The Pokémon Company

In their announcement for GO Battle League Season Four, Niantic confirmed that the Flying Cup and GO Battle Day: Pidgey have been condensed into a single short event, GO Battle Night. This event includes:

The Flying Cup will be available! In this format, only Flying-type Pokémon will be allowed, and the CP limit is 1,500.

You'll be able to complete 20 sets of GO Battle League battles, up from the regular five sets, for a total of up to 100 battles.

You'll receive twice the Stardust for winning battles, completing sets of battles, and ranking up in the GO Battle League.

Evolve Pidgeotto (the evolved form of Pidgey) during the event to get a Pidgeot that knows Gust!

GO Battle Night will take place during GO Battle League Season Four on the night of Thursday, September 24, 2020, from 6:00PM to 11:59PM local time. There has been no confirmation if Pidgey will be a major reward in this as the original GO Battle Day: Pidgey plans suggested, but that last bit about evolving Pidgeotto for an exclusive move on Pidgeot hints strongly that there will be Pidgey encounters involved. For the only GO Battle Day thus far, the featured encounter was Marill, which was featured with a highly boosted Shiny rate during the event hours.

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