Go Behind The Scenes with New "P.T." Boundary Break Episode

Go Behind The Scenes with New "P.T." Boundary Break Episode
Credit: Konami

Hideo Kojima's P.T., the playable teaser for the now-canceled Silent Hills, is easily one of the scariest games ever created, and it wasn't even finished.

It also holds plenty of secrets, which is something Shesez, the creator of Boundary Break, explored in a recent episode of the series. The new footage shows off some of the accomplishments that modder Lance McDonald explored when he was able to escape the world of the demo and check out the outside world of Silent Hills beyond the endless looping hallway of the demo.

There's a whole lot of extra content, like Lisa showing off an eerie smile and tons of eyeballs hidden between the walls and the real world of the demo. If you're curious about what goes on in the game outside of what you can see, this is a clip that's well worth watching.

Now, if you're easily scared, it might be a good idea to step back and grab someone to watch with. You know that P.T. alone is already one of the scariest games currently going, despite being a prototype for a horror title that's never coming out, but it's still managing to creep everyone who plays it (or watches it) out.