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Half-Life: Alyx now has a mod that recreates the terrifying P.T.
Credit: AmbientDruth. It's a massive reworking of the game into P.T., with a looping corridor that turns into the red-shaded area in P.T You get Lisa's spine-tingling audio (though no Lisa), and some other creepy Easter eggs from the teaser itself Of course, this is just a fledgling version of the mod that the creator AmbientDruth[...]
Go Behind The Scenes with New "P.T." Boundary Break Episode
Credit: Konami Hideo Kojima's P.T., the playable teaser for the now-canceled Silent Hills, is easily one of the scariest games ever created, and it wasn't even finished. It also holds plenty of secrets, which is something Shesez, the creator of Boundary Break, explored in a recent episode of the series The new footage shows off some of[...]
Manga Creator Junji Ito Never Got to Start Work on Canceled Silent Hills Game
You know when you play P.T., and in the end, it turns into a trailer for Silent Hills? Someone managed to get into that area Just a week ago we were talking about someone breaking the camera in P.T to reveal you're actually playing as a rendered Norman Reedus Setting a new bar for people[...]
New "P.T." Camera Hack Confirms You Played As Norman Reedus
It's so odd, every time we think we've learned all we can from P.T., someone finds something new to show us and we're fascinated again The playable demo that was to be the introduction to Silent Hills before the project was killed by Konami has fascinated people ever since it was released It's a brief[...]
Konami Says They Didn't Lock P.T. With the Latest Update
Yesterday we talked about how a new update went out for P.T., the demo teaser for the now-defunct Silent Hills, locking the game up from being played Today, the company is saying they didn't do anything to the game, and that the fault most likely rests with your console Several outlets have reached out to[...]
Konami Offers Internship to the P.T. Remake Creator After Shutdown
If you happen to be one of the people who was playing the PC remake of P.T., we got bad news and good news, depending on how you feel about it Bad news: the game was shut down by Konami The good news: the 17-year-old programmer who made it received an internship with the company. In[...]
P.T. Made With PS1 Graphics Is Still Frightening
If you're not familiar with what P.T. is, a quick history lesson. This was a small demo game that was released for the PS4 that served as a jump-scare teaser for what would eventually turn into Silent Hills.