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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets A Spoiler-Laden Final Trailer

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally releasing on April 10, 2020. That's only a few short days away, and to commemorate the occasion, Square Enix released a final trailer to get everyone ready for this momentous event. It's a pretty big deal, you know, seeing as it's […]


Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Has Been Trending On Twitter Lately

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby were released six years ago for the Nintendo 3DS. There hasn't been any fanfare about either game receiving new content at any point recently, and there aren't remakes coming. So why has Alpha Sapphire, specifically, been trending on Twitter over the last day or so? That's a difficult question […]


Rockstar Is Donating In-Game Earnings To Aid In Coronavirus Relief

Rockstar Games is working hard to do its part to help reduce the effects of the novel coronavirus, at least when it comes to monetary contributions. The Red Dead Redemption II developer announced that it would be donating five percent of its in-game transactions in Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online to small […]


"Witchbrook" Gets A Spellbinding New Aesthetic, But No Release Date

Chucklefish's upcoming magical adventure Witchbrook just went undergone an aesthetic transformation. The colorful cross between what appears to be the worlds of Harry Potter and Stardew Valley is still in active development, but it's only recently taken on a different look in terms of its overall art style. Not long ago, in early March, its […]


"The Last Of Us Part II" Has Now Officially Been Delayed Indefinitely

Naughty Dog's hotly-anticipated The Last of Us Part II has officially been delayed indefinitely. The post-apocalyptic adventure is the latest casualty to have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to publisher Sony, who also made the "difficult decision" to delay Marvel's Iron Man VR in addition to The Last of Us Part II. The […]


"Darkest Dungeon" is Getting PvP With May's "The Butcher's Circus"

Austere roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon is getting a new addition in the form of PvP content in the near future. Developer Red Hook Studios is offering PvP for the first time ever in its already challenging game ahead of announcing additional details about the upcoming Darkest Dungeon 2. While there have been plenty of DLC […]


"Borderlands 3" Did Well, But Its Employees Aren't Getting Bonuses

Borderlands 3 may have done exceedingly well in terms of sales when it launched last fall, but that doesn't mean the employees that brought it to life were able to benefit from its popularity. Publisher 2K Games previously described the game as a "billion-dollar global brand," and employees were set to benefit from this. Gearbox […]


"Pokémon" Play! 2020 Season Canceled Due To Coronavirus

The Pokémon Company has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Play! Pokémon competitive leagues in an effort to quell the spread of coronavirus. Originally, both the Pokémon competitive World Championships and North American International Championship matches were supposed to take place in London this August and Columbus, OH in June, respectively. Now both […]


The "Super Mario" Remasters Will Likely Debut in One Package

Reports indicate there may be a series of remastered Mario games on their way to the Nintendo Switch, if the rumors swirling around happen to be true. Nintendo is said to be bringing games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy to the Nintendo Switch as a series of remastered titles. […]


QuakeCon 2020 Has Been Canceled Thanks To The Coronavirus

Bethesda's yearly QuakeCon gathering has officially been canceling, leaving this summer a bit more open. It's all thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, which has already shuttered a number of other events throughout the year. Bethesda Softworks and id Software released a joint statement on the official QuakeCon Twitter account, explaining the thought process behind […]


New "Paper Mario" For Switch Reportedly Takes Inspiration From N64

There may be a new Paper Mario game on the way, according to a series of recent rumors, and it could take inspiration from the Nintendo 64 original. There hasn't been any official announcement from Nintendo that a new Paper Mario is currently in development, but a number of reports taken from a variety of […]

Modern Warfare 2 Remaster pose art

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered" Is Out Now For PS4 Players

Activision has finally released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, but only for PlayStation 4 owners. Right now, you can pick up the game for just $20 on the system. Xbox One and PC owners will be able to pre-order the game if they're ready to add it to their collection, but it won't […]


"Wasteland 3" Has Officially Been Delayed To Fall 2020

The upcoming apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 has officially been postponed, according to an official statement from studio head Brian Fargo. Fargo took to Twitter with comments on the studio's shift to work from home procedures, confirming that the reality is that with the "new logistical challenges" the team is facing, the game's release is going […]


"Resident Evil Reistance" Open Beta Has Officially Been Delayed

If you were looking forward to jumping into the Resident Evil Resistance open beta on PlayStation 4 and Steam, here's a bit of bad news: it's been delayed. Capcom originally announced the open beta for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but quickly walked back its confirmation that players could jump in due to "technical difficulties." […]


"Halo Infinite" is Still On Track For a 2020 Launch

If you were concerned that this year might be bereft of a Halo release, you can put those fears to rest. Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has indicated that Halo Infinite is still on track for its debut later this year. In an interview with GameSpot, Booty did acknowledge some "unique challenges" with first-party […]


"Final Fantasy XIV" Demolition Rule Temporarily Suspended

If dealing with coronavirus has meant you've had to skip out on paying for your Final Fantasy XIV subscription as of late, you have one less thing to worry about: having the home you so painstakingly built up demolished. Square Enix has confirmed that it is temporarily suspending any demolition of said homes of player […]


"NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139" Reboot Announced for Western Release

NieR: Replicant is being remade – though the more correct term, according to Square Enix producer Yusuke Saito, is a "version up." The announcement sneaked out during the night via trailer, and it's called NieR: Replicant Ver.1.22474487139. It's been confirmed for a Western release by Square Enix themselves, so there's no hoping we'll actually get […]


Final "Platinum 4" Announcement is Set For April 1

For a few weeks now, the official Platinum 4 site has been slowly filling in with additional information. Now, it's finally time for the last announcement to add the final star to the official website. This means PlatinumGames has something more to introduce to fans on April 1, which is the date listed on the […]


Save the World Instead of Infecting It With "Plague Inc.'s" New Update

Ever wanted to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, at least, in a video game? Ndemic Creations, developers of the popular game Plague Inc., are aiming to let you do something jus like that with an upcoming update to the game. The team just donated $250k to CEPI and WHO in the name of […]


"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Next Fighter Will Hail From "ARMS"

Have you been ruminating over who the next possible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter may be? Wonder no more – at least, in terms of the game represented. During the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo confirmed that the next character that would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be from the game ARMS. Unfortunately, […]