Godfall Receives A Brand New Walkthrough Video

During today's State of Play livestream, Godfall fans got an unexpected surprise with a nine-minute walkthrough video. Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games are gearing up for the game's release with the PS5, and decided now was a good time to finally reveal much more of the game than what we've seen in all the previous videos combined. This is as good of a video as you'll get showing you everything you need to know in the game when you first start out, as the footage is narrated by Keith Lee, CEO of Counterplay Games. He also went into detail on the PlayStation Blog, which we have a few snippets for you below. Enjoy the video!

Check out nine minutes of gameplay from Godfall, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing.
Check out nine minutes of gameplay from Godfall, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing.

First, we take advantage of the DualSense controller's haptic feedback to simulate a variety of surfaces and textures. Imagine walking along a marble floor — the way it feels different through your boots compared to walking over gravel, dirt, or a rain-slicked field. If you were sliding along a fiery molten floor, say in the heat of battle to dodge an enemy attack, you would sense the unique surface without needing to look at it. It was important for us to reflect that difference in your hands. As you adventure through the elemental realms, you'll be pitted against mobs of enemies in gilded halls with smooth marble flooring. You'll also clash with fiends in the dirt. As your controller is your connection to the action, the physicality of the controller's haptics must reflect the different spaces you'll be fighting in. […]

A core tenet of Godfall is that the best defense is a great offense. The game rewards you for playing aggressively, and that is reflected in the shield mechanics as well. Your shield can be thrown to deal blows to several targets, swept in a 360-degree arc to petrify the enemies around you, used to deliver a powerful wave attack emanating out in every direction, or employed as a tool to control the space as you shield warp toward an enemy to deliver a Spectral Blow.


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