Google's First Real-World Game Battlepalooza Launches December 10th

Google, along with developer nWay, will be releasing their first real-world game Battlepalooza coming up on December 10th, 2020. The game is presented as a digital game show, in which you will be playing one of many contestants live from around the world, as you will compete in real-time in major cities for prizes. You'll literally be dropped into a map of the real San Francisco, for example, having to run around and do battle in that city, with all the landmarks and buildings in your way to try and defeat your opponents. We got more info and a trailer for you here, but you can currently pre-register at the link above to unlock special in-game rewards before it launches in three weeks.

How will you do against a cybernetic teddy bear in your hometown? Courtesy of nWay.
How will you do against a cybernetic teddy bear in your hometown? Courtesy of nWay.

To make a more accessible battle royale, nWay designed Battlepalooza's combat system to reward players who utilize a blend of strategy, skill, and luck — not just reaction time. The game takes the inventory and equipment loadout system of RPGs and the mid-match player progression of MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) to add strategy and depth, making it more accessible to a wider variety of players. The game uses a top-down camera view for easier navigation and features diverse sets of powerful items, consumables, weapons, and skills — including the gravity bomb, cannon bots, invisibility gear, drones, warp potions, barricades, and much more. Players will need to think strategically to select the most advantageous gear and skills to equip before entering into battle.

Battlepalooza will allow up to 24 players to play together, and features team modes including Duo (up to 12 teams of 2) and Trio (up to 8 teams of 3), with drop-in drop-out multiplayer for easily accessible and fast session play.  Battlepalooza was developed in collaboration with Google's Real-World Games team and uses Google Maps Platform to transform real-world cities into playable battle arenas. The game will initially feature Las Vegas and San Francisco, with more city arenas to be added on a continuous basis.

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