Harry Potter: Wizards Unite September Makeup Community Day Details

It may be October, but the September Makeup Community Day is about to happen in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It will run all day on Saturday, October 17th from 12:01 AM through 11:59 PM local time. Below, find the full details of this day which will focus on the Ministry Atrium.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite September Makeup Community Day promotional image. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite September Makeup Community Day promotional image. Credit: Niantic

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite September 2020 Community Day will include:

  • Special Assignments: These will focus on Ministry of Magic Foundables that must be returned to the Atrimum page (the first you see when you click on the Ministry in the Registry). Rewards will include Potions, Spell Books, Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, and Spell Ingredients.
  • Boosted Foundables: Mad-Eye Moody, The Veil, and Ministry Employee Newt Scamander will be drawn with greater odds to players who use Tonic for Trace Detection
  • Portkeys: There will be a 1KM Portmanteau that will reward guaranteed fragments of Fountain of Magical Brethren.
  • Bonuses: Tonic for Trace Detection will take only one hour to brew without Master Notes and half an hour with Master Notes.

Niantic and WB affiliate content creator Orangewizard2019 added to the official announcement with confirmation of bundles in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in-game shop, including:

  • Complimentary Gift: 25 Spell Energy, 1 Level 1 Runestone, 6 Baneberry, 4 Bulbadox Juice, 4 Angel's Trumpet, 2 Erumpent Horn
  • SOS Bundle for 470 Coins with a limit of 5: 2 Tonic for Trace Detection, 5 Silver Keys, 50 Spell Energy
  • Community Day Bundle for 420 Coins with a limit of 5: 5 Level 3 Runestone, 5 Level 4 Runestone, 1 Baruffio's Brain Elixir, 5 Potent Exstimulo Potion

Wizards and witches should prepare for a hardcore weekend of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as this isn't the only weekend event that Niantic has planned for the game. In addition to this makeup day for the delayed September Community Day, October's Community Day is scheduled for the very next day.

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