Hearthstone Crowns Its First Masters Tour Champion

Hearthstone has its first Masters Tour Champion today as Eric David "dog" Caero beat Edward "Gallon" Goodwin in Las Vegas 3-1. Caero will take home $100k as well as the trophy you see below. We have some quotes from Blizzard from the event for you here as well as video of the finals, as the Grandmasters Tour will resume next week.

Hearthstone Crowns Its First Masters Tour Champion

The 'second-place curse' that has plagued dog for years seems to have finally been lifted. "It's crazy! I came in expecting to flop out," Dog said. "You never expect to win these things. I've never won anything, so this is cool! It feels awesome."

Dog built his hybrid Freeze Mage deck list (with the help of his teammate Frank "Fr0zen" Zhang) around the strategy of using the recently buffed Luna's Pocket Galaxy to discount expensive minions such as KalecgosAlexstrasza, and Archmage Antonidas. His tertiary deck featured the inclusion of Deranged Doctor, which helped him out of more than one sticky situation.

"The reason we added Deranged Doctor was because the way you lose against Warrior isn't through them out-valuing you, usually they just try and hit you in the face," said dog. "We needed a heal card that was big since we were using Luna's Pocket Galaxy. It was perfect because you can kill it with Conjurer's Calling to get 8 drops, and 8 drops are pretty good!"

"Thanks to all my supporters! Thanks so much for watching," said dog. "Even if you don't watch me, thanks for watching the tournament and thanks for reading this article. All of this stuff helps so much and allows me to play games and do cool things."

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