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Hearthstone Masters Tour Announces Castle Nathria Event
Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next all-online Hearthstone Masters Tour event as they're headed to Castle Nathria The event is set to take place this weekend with two days of Swiss Round competition, followed by the eventual Top 16 facing off in an elimination bracket, each of them vying for a piece of the $250k prize[...]
Hearthstone Grandmasters Announces Last Call Events
Blizzard Entertainment revealed the full details to the six weeks-long competition for the latest Hearthstone Grandmasters event This will take place over four weeks starting this Friday, July 22nd, which includes a two-week bye period, ending on August 31st Like all of their previous events during the pandemic, this one will be completely online as[...]
Hearthstone Announces Newest Expansion: Murder At Castle Nathria
Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next major expansion coming to Hearthstone this August with Murder At Castle Nathria The game will be introducing a new murder-mystery kind of story as you'll be given a story centered around poor Sire Denathrius, who was murdered at his own dinner party (No joke, this is really what's happening) The[...]
Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends To Happen This Weekend
Blizzard Entertainment revealed details today for the latest Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends as it happens this weekend The event will run from June 24th-25th, completely online as they have been for the past couple of years, focusing primarily on the top 16 players who qualified to get into one of two lobbies They will be[...]
Hearthstone Update To Add New Mini Set: Throne Of The Tides
Blizzard Entertainment announced a new update coming on June 1st to Hearthstone that will add a new mini-set and more to the mix The new mini-set will be called Throne Of The Tides and will bring with it some powerful cards that will make the end game feel like a watery grave for those unprepared[...]
Hearthstone: Battlegrounds - Lobby Legends Will Kick Off This Weekend
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed details of this weekend's latest Hearthstone: Battlegrounds esports event with Lobby Legends: Noblegarden Yet another tournament that will be played entirely online, the organization will be running this one from Maty 13th-14th, bringing in 16 of the top players from around the world to compete for the top honors and a[...]
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Will See The Rise Of The Naga On May 10th
Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next season for Hearthstone Battlegrounds is on the way next week as we'll see the Rise Of The Naga This season will come with the standard Battlegrounds Rating reset, a new Hero added to the mix, and a brand new minion type to fight with in The Naga "Spellcraft" will become[...]
Hearthstone Reveals Details To Third Masters Tour Of 2022
Blizzard Entertainment revealed new details this week about the upcoming Hearthstone Master Tour: Voyage To The Sunken City Continuing their program of not having any in-person events, the team will be taking the tour to yet another fictional location while holding the actual games online This time around players will be vying for a $250k[...]
Hearthstone Reveals Year Of The Hydra Content Coming Next Week
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed new content coming to Hearthstone next week as we're getting into the Year Of The Hydra The development team just had their most recent Hearthside Chat video, which you can check out below, going over many of the details of what's going to become of the game in the next week[...]
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Finishes First Official Esports Tournament
Blizzard Entertainment has concluded its first Hearthstone Battlegrounds esports tournament and they have its first champion Every since this spinoff of the main game was introduced, it had primarily been for fun and to give those who enjoy the main game a little something different to dip into Now that they've launched an esports division[...]
Hearthstone Unveils New Expansion: Voyage To The Sunken City
Blizzard Entertainment revealed details today about Hearthstone's latest expansion, Voyage To The Sunken City Cue up your favorite version of "Under The Sea" as we head down into the watery ancient city of Zin-Azshari, home to colossal sea creatures and the territorial Naga, for those unfamiliar with this place The expansion will give you a[...]
Details Emerge For Second Hearthstone Masters Tour Of 2022
Blizzard Entertainment released details today for the second Hearthstone Masters Tour for 2022 taking place this weekend Again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic still happening around the globe, organizers have yet again taken the tournament online and will have players competing in the fictitious Ruins Of Alterac This particular tournament will have more than 400[...]
Blizzard To Reveals The Future Of Warcraft Next Month
The first of which will be for Hearthstone on March 15th, which technically falls under Warcraft since it's a game played in the world of Azeroth Three new expansions will be revealed for that which will come out over the course of 2022 Meanwhile, World Of Warcraft and WoW Classic will be getting their own[...]
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Reveals Plans For Second Lobby Legends
Blizzard Entertainment revealed new details today about the second Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends event happening this May Much like all of their previous events for the past two years during the pandemic, this one will not be played live, but instead be done completely online in the Noblegarden, taking place from May 14th-15th, 2022 Those[...]
Blizzard Reveals Plans For Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021 Season 2
Blizzard Entertainment has laid out the details of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022, which will be kicking off this weekend Last December, organizers revealed that they were dumping the system they'd been using previously This tournament will be the final regular season with a Top 48 from the Americas, Europe, and APAC competing against each other[...]