Hearthstone Reveals The Year Of The Wolf Updates

Blizzard Entertainment reveals what will be changing in Hearthstone as The Year Of The Wolf brings changes, both needed and experimental.

Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new update being added to Hearthstone as players will soon experience The Year Of The Wolf. In 2023, the team will bring in the first official expansion called Festival of Legends next month, which will begin the update to the Core Set. As it comes in, they will be removing Forged in the BarrensUnited in Stormwind, and Fractured in Alterac Valley expansions to be rotated out of standard decks, as what will remain will be Voyage to the Sunken CityMurder at Castle Nathria, and March of the Lich King, and Festival of Legends. We have the rundown of some of the changes being added to this year, as well as a video from the team going over what's to come, as the finer update notes are on the game's website.

Hearthstone Reveals The Year Of The Wolf Updates
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Keyword Update: Tradeable

  • Originally introduced with the United in Stormwind set, Tradeable will be an evergreen keyword starting this year.
  • Since Tradeable currently only exists in United in Stormwind and Fractured in Alterac Valley, we've started by adding a few Tradeable cards from those expansions into Core.
  • New Tradeable cards will be introduced throughout the Year of the Wolf and for years to come.

Returning Keyword: Magnetic

  • Magnetic is a keyword that appeared on certain Mechs in The Boomsday Project.
  • Mechs with Magnetic could either be played as normal OR played directly to the left of another Mech on the board to fuse with it, granting its stats, effects, and enchantments to the Mech in play.
  • Magnetic is a temporary addition to Core and will not necessarily stay in Core beyond this update.

Priest Tune-Up & New Hearthstone Keyword: Overheal

  • The base of the Priest class fantasy is healing, which may not feel as powerful as other classes' base fantasies, like damage or Armor.
  • The new keyword, Overheal, was created to make healing more flexible and rewarding.
  • Cards with Overheal have an effect that is triggered when they are healed over their max health.
  • Overheal is a new evergreen class mechanic, like Combo is for the Rogue class.

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