These Are The Alt Eeveelution VMAX In Pokémon TCG: Evolving Skies

This coming Friday, August 27th, is the wide release of the latest Pokémon TCG expansion, Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies. However, starting today, tournament-official game stores can begin selling booster boxes, booster packs, and Elite Trainer Boxes of this Eevee and Dragon-themed set. To celebrate this exciting release, let's take a look at the Alternate Art Eeveelutions that appear as Pokémon-VMAX in the set.

Cards of Evolving Skies. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Cards of Evolving Skies. Credit: Pokémon TCG

These are the Eeeveelutions who will get Alternate Art Pokémon-VMAX cards in Evolving Skies. These cards are all pictured above. They are:

  • Leafeon V Alternate Art
  • Glaceon V Full Art
  • Sylveon V Full Art
  • Umbreon V Full Art

Man, oh man. The Alternate Art VMAX cards are the chase cards of Pokémon TCG: Evolving Skies. While the Alternate Art Vs are also major pulls, it's these VMAXes that are making major waves and going for insane prices online ahead of the set's release. It's not just the Eeveelutions, though. There is a Rayquaza Alternate Art VMAX that has toppled even all of these towering giants to be the top valued card of the set.

Now, note that many of the Eeveelutions are missing here. Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Espeon VMAX cards did not make it into the set. They exist, though. The Espeon Alternate Art VMAX was a promo in Japan and the Japanese versions of the original three will be part of a write-in promotion. It is likely that the English versions will be more widely available than those when they are released, in all likelihood as SWSH Black Star Promos in a future Pokémon TG box. Stay tuned for details!

Here's how the Pokémon TCG summarized Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies:

Feel the power of the shifting winds, and brace for an epic storm as mighty Dragon-type Pokémon make their triumphant return! Rayquaza VMAX leads the surge from on high, and Duraludon VMAX towers above the land in its Gigantamax form, joined by Dragonite V, Noivern V, and more. As the clouds part, Eevee's Evolutions appear in a full rainbow of Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX to signal a bright new day in Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Evolving Skies!

Read more about Evolving Skies and all of the amazing cards within right here.

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