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An Ode To The Cowboy Hat Caterpie Guy On Pokémon GO Twitter

Anyone who has dabbled in fandom on social media would probably tell you that there's quite a bit of toxicity out there. The same is true for Pokémon GO. If you look at any tweet from Niantic under the official @PokemonGOApp account, you'll see the replies filled with rage flung their way, complaints of a non-constructive nature, replies to that complaints from people who angrily disagree with the original complaint, accusations ranging from money-grubbing to laziness to spreading COVID. It's… a lot. However, there is one shining light of positivity and hope that can be found replying to every single tweet from the Pokémon GO app account. Some think him a mad man. Some, a troll. Others, a meme. Me? I see him as a visionary. I see him as someone who has a dream and dares to hope that it will be fulfilled. His Twitter account is @MikeNerdlaw and under every single Pokémon GO tweet, he leaves a simple request that has gone viral due to his dedication to this long-term journey. Here is what MikeNerdlaw, who has become in many ways one of the most famous Pokémon GO fans due to this crusade, wants.

Twitter screenshots. Credit: The "Cowboy Hat Caterpie" guy's account
Twitter screenshots. Credit: The "Cowboy Hat Caterpie" guy's account

He wants Cowboy Hat Caterpie.

That's right. A Caterpie wearing a cowboy hat. He wants it, and he wants it now.

If Niantic announces a new event? He's there right away: "Cowboy Hat Caterpie please."

Niantic reminds players of a current bonus? "Cowboy Hat Caterpie please."

Niantic makes a change to a previously scheduled release>? "Cowboy Hat Caterpie please."

Niantic calls for trainers to submit GO Snapshot pictures? "Cowboy Hat Caterpie please."

This dedicated trainer's mission hasn't wavered since he began over a year ago. In fact, the only thing that changes even in his messages is the emoji he uses at the end of each tweet. Sometimes, he'll hit those bad boys over at Niantic with prayer hands? Other times, he'll Fonzie it up with a little thumbs-up emoji. While Niantic hasn't replied, Cowboy Hat Caterpie Guy isn't merely a man with a request. He has stirred up a storm, which he personifies as his reply arrives on every Pokémon GO tweet like the first drop of rain signifying the hurricane to come.

Pikachu has gotten all kinds of caps. Sweaters, even. Wurmple, Raticate, and Wobbuffet have worn party hats multiple times. Shinx wore a damn top hat! The man's mission has been simple: give Caterpie his day and make that day western.

It remains uncertain if Niantic will ever consider this passionate trainer's unwavering call for them to act, but you know what?

I believe in Cowboy Hat Caterpie guy.

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