Hitman 3 Will Be A Cloud Streaming Title On Nintendo Switch

Well, we now know how Nintendo Switch fans will be playing Hitman 3 as the game will be a cloud streaming title. IO Interactive dropped the news this morning that their upcoming game which will complete the trilogy of new titles in the franchise will be released for Nintendo's console on January 20th. However, there will be no physical copy of the title, nor will there be a download, primarily because the game is going to be so big it would take up more memory than most owner's consoles can handle. So the company announced that Switch fans will still be able to get in on the action, only they'll have to use an internet connection to do so as it will be playable via cloud streaming, alongside all other versions of the game, much like Google Stadia players already do.

Now you can take out your enemies and targets from the cloud. Courtesy of IO Interactive.
Now you can take out your enemies and targets from the cloud. Courtesy of IO Interactive.

Here's the interesting fact to all this. You can check out the trailer below for the announcement, which is currently sitting on the official Hitman Youtube channel. However, the date this trailer was loaded was October 20th, 2020. So the company has known for several months that this would be the plan for Hitman 3 on Nintendo Switch. Up until now, there was a question as to whether or not it would even be an option for players to do so on the Switch, and if they did, whether it would be trimmed down like other high-capacity titles have been. It would have been nice to know all of this ahead of time, especially if you weren't sure how you were going to go about playing the game. It's going to be especially interesting to see how well it plays on the Switch in this format compared to other consoles.

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