House Flipper Gets A New Content Update With The Luxury DLC

if you're looking to improve homes on a bigger scale in House Flipper, the devs have a new DLC for your sophisticated needs. Playway, along with Frozen District and Empyrean has unveiled the new Luxury DLC, in which you'll be tackling bigger more luxurious homes that have found themselves in a state of disrepair. It will be up to you and the budget you're given to clean the place up and make it look like the next owner will be filthy rich. The content is much as you would expect from the game, you are given a new place to work on that is practically falling apart and it's up to you to make it look liveable. Only this time you have a bigger budget and a much bigger place to work with. The DLC will be released on February 18th, 2021, but in the meantime, you can check out the trailer below.

Can you make a mansion look expensive with a budget? Courtesy of Playway.
Can you make a mansion look expensive with a budget? Courtesy of Playway.

Glass roofs, walls of plate glass windows, and ceilings many feet above your head – this is how kings live! With the Luxury DLC, dozens of types of new furniture – classic contemporary, antique, and modern – will fulfill any luxury design wishes! New mechanics like installing huge decorative windows wherever you want them or building swimming pools inside your mansion will also add to the house flipping experience! In the Luxury DLC, you can also try renovating furniture from past centuries. It will certainly take time and effort, but the final result may bring tons of satisfaction. Utilizing classic furniture doesn't have to mean giving up comfort! With smart devices, you can control your entire home! Change the colors of the lights, open and close doors – all this without ever leaving the couch.

"What we can promise is that we are going to take our time with the Luxury DLC to make sure our players receive well-designed and polished content. We also do not want to rush and only focus on this DLC, because at the moment, putting more effort into our other projects like the console versions of House Flipper is a crucial matter to us," said Krzysztof Krej, Frozen District's CEO.

"This DLC is being developed thanks to the voice of our community. For the last year, we've been gathering all sorts of feedback to understand our players' desires, and this project is a result of these actions. Thank you, Flippers!" said Mateusz Kasprzak, the social media and community manager.

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