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House Flipper 2 Will Receive Steam Next Fest Demo
Indie game publisher PlayWay and developer Frozen District have released new info this past week on House Flipper 2, along with info on a new demo The game will be a part of Steam Next Fest, kicking off tomorrow, which will have a ton of free demos for you to try out from June 19th-26th[...]
Pet Shop Simulator
Indie developer Games Incubator and publisher PlayWay revealed their latest simulator title on the way, as players can sell animals their own way in Pet Shop Simulator As you may have guessed from the title alone, the game will have you running your own pet shop however you see fit, bringing the shop up from[...]
Miniland Adventure: Prologue Is Set To Release In March
Indie publishers Gameparic and PlayWay confirmed they will be releasing Miniland Adventure for PC, as the game comes out this April Originally they announced the game would be dropping in March, but it looks like they changed their minds and pushed the game back by a month, as the new PC release date is now April[...]
Strange Pet Shop Sim Aquarist VR Released For PC
Developer FreeMind and publisher PlayWay have released a brand new VR experience, albeit a weird one, with Aquarist VR The game will have you creating and building up an aquarium store in town, which includes you helping create some for new customers, as well as cleaning up and refurbishing old ones for people who want[...]
Developer Love Motion Games, along with publishers Frozen Way and PlayWay, revealed their latest game called Millennials Yes, for real! This is a brand new life simulation game in which you'll head back to college and attempt to get your bachelors over the course of four years You'll experience everything about typical college life, from[...]
Pool Cleaning Simulator Announced For Steam In 2023
Rubens Games and FreeMind, along with publisher PlayWay announced Pool Cleaning Simulator is coming to PC next year As you might suspect from this one, you will channel your inner pool boy as you go around and clean out various pools in a state of filth and repair All to make some money and become[...]
Creature Lab Drops A New Free Demo For Steam Next Fest
Indie developer and publisher Image Power, along with PlayWay, announced their horror sim game Creature Lab has set a release date for January 2023 This is basically your chance to play Dr Frankenstein as you can create whatever kind of messed up horrific creatures you can dream up to unleash onto the world The game[...]
House Flipper Receives its Own Christmas Update
Frozen District and PlayWay have released their latest update for House Flipper, this time around offering up a Christmas expansion Like a lot of games during these weeks, you're basically getting what is their version of an end-all-be-all holiday update Unlike other updates and DLC for the game, this one will be completely free, and[...]
Hammer Of Virtue Will Arrive On PC & PS5 In Late 2022
No Pest Productions and PlayWay revealed their next game, Hammer Of Virtue, will be coming to PS5 and PC later this year In what is probably one of the top ridiculous premises we've gotten for 2022, you'll be playing in the future where terrorist organizations have devised the foolproof plan of sending cybernetic animals to[...]
House Flipper Will Release New Pets DLC This May
PlayWay revealed this week that House Flipper will be getting a very special DLC pack soon as you can redesign stuff for pets Simply just being called the Pets DLC, the game is basically making you a shelter trying to find a home for pets and then renovating a house you recently fixed up to[...]
Creature Lab Drops A New Free Demo For Steam Next Fest
Image Power and PlayWay have dropped a new trailer for Creature Lab today, along with a brand new free demo for Steam Next Fest The game will kinda take you back to the days of '90s toys where you could put together your own monster from weird slimes and whatnot, only this time you're making[...]
Gameparic Reveals Its Next Simulator Title Food Empire
PlayWay announced their latest game on the way this past week as we're getting a new simulator game by the name of Food Empire The game will put you in the role of a restaurant entrepreneur as you will attempt to start your own series of diners across the city Starting with one that you[...]
Project Wunderwaffe Releases New Gameplay Video
PlayWay and Gameparic have released a new developer diary this week for their upcoming game Project Wunderwaffe featuring new gameplay This new video will show off some of the mechanics of what you'll need to do as you build yourself a secret military base near the end of WWII in the hopes of making a[...]
Theatre Of Sorrows Will Be Released In January 2022
PlayWay revealed this week that they will be releasing Theatre Of Sorrows for both PC and Nintendo Switch in January 2022 The game is a Lovecraftian 2D roguelite where you will be tasked with trying to stay alive on a mysterious island You'll be able to experience a branching narrative design that will keep you[...]
Fish Fans Rejoice As You're Getting Aquarium Designer
Playway, along with Games Operators and developer Sigur Studio have created a simulator game where you basically create and design special aquariums for different types of fish, all depending on where thy usually like to roam and what they like to do in a tank The game will be released on Steam on October 21st,[...]
Sim Fam Announces Feudal Baron: King's Land
Sim Farm along with Playway have announced a new simulator title on the way as we're getting Feudal Baron: King's Land As opposed to some of the more blantant sim titles that have been coming out the past year or so, this falls more into the traditional kind of sims we've grown up with over[...]
Playway Announces New Simulator Train Yard Builder
Playway and GameFormatic have revealed a brand new simulator title in the works as they're making Train Yard Builder The game will take you back to being a kid playing with model train sets as you basically get to build and design a model train yard however you see fit From the specific lines that[...]
Mech Mechanic Simulator Is Set To Launch On March 25th
The Revolution) and published by PlayWay, this game will have you playing as a mechanic in the future in charge of helping restore these behemoth machines You'll tear them apart, test all the systems, repair what needs to be fixed and put it back together to make sure it all works right Not to mention[...]
PlayWay & Freaky Games Reveals Pig Skater Simulator
PlayWay and Freaky Games dropped one weird bombshell on us today as we got our first look at Pig Skater Simulator Three words you don't really expect to see come together The game sounds about as convoluted as the premise, in fact, we have the entire synopsis for the game as written by the developers[...]
PlayWay Introduces Another Simulator Game With SimBus
Continuing what seems like a newfound effort to simulate everything we do in the world, PlayWay has introduced SimBus Now you too can see what it feels like to drive every kind of bus there is around the world as this game will have you navigating the streets of London, Tokyo, Russia, and North America[...]
Construction Worker Simulator Is In The Works From PlayWay
PlayWay has introduced yet another simulator game this week as Emporer Games is developing Construction Worker Simulator In what feels like a game that should have already been made at some level, you will take on the role of a construction worker at a job site doing various tasks with different kinds of equipment Everything[...]
Auto Draft
Games Incubatory along with PlayWay revealed a brand new indie court title on the way as they'll be releasing I Am Your Lawyer The game will have you representing different clients in court as you will push yourself to help the innocent seek justice or help the actually guilty parties get off scot-free The game[...]
House Flipper Gets A New Content Update With The Luxury DLC
Playway, along with Frozen District and Empyrean has unveiled the new Luxury DLC, in which you'll be tackling bigger more luxurious homes that have found themselves in a state of disrepair It will be up to you and the budget you're given to clean the place up and make it look like the next owner[...]
Rock Game's Indie Cowboy Life Simulator Launches Trailer
This may explain indie developer Rock Game and publisher Playway's choice in creating Cowboy Life Simulator, a simulation game set in the Wild West. Cowboy Life Simulator will be released on PC via Steam, with no announced release date as of yet. A screenshot from Cowboy Life Simulator by indie developer Rock Game and publisher Playway[...]
Indie Game Techno Chicken Coming To PC Soon Via Steam
Indie game developer Titan GameZ and publisher PlayWay have collaborated to bring a new simulation game called Techno Chicken to Steam! This game doesn't have a specific launch date, but rather is "coming soon" to the PC gaming platform. Key Art for Techno Chicken, an indie chicken simulator from the minds of developer Titan GameZ and publisher[...]
Save Lives For A Change In WWII With Medic: Pacific Corpsman
Hypnotic Ants, Games Operators, and PlayWay are bringing you a different kind of WWII game with Medic: Pacific Corpsman How many times have you picked up a World War II game and the primary focus of it is killing off Germans or Japanese as you take back Europe or the islands in the Pacific Ocean?[...]
Car Trader Simulator Will Be Released Next Week
Add another real-life job to the list of sim games as Live Motion Games and PlayWay has announced Car Trader Simulator is on the way Now you too can live out the fantasy of selling used and crappy cars on a lot made of dirt, as people come in to see what you got on[...]
Thief Simulator Tops Steam's Bestseller List This Weekend
Noble Muffins and PlayWay's Thief Simulator debuted only a few days ago and it has already hit the top of Steam's bestseller list, which is a pretty awesome achievement for a sim. The premise of Thief Simulator is exactly what you'd expect Players free roam sandbox neighborhoods, observe their targets, gather information that will help them, and rob[...]
Agony key art
Developer Madmind Studio and publisher PlayWay have released another new trailer for the game Agony, further sending more nightmare fuel to our brains and probably making us hate the concept of a hellscape even more than we did with DOOM The latest trailer shows over five minutes of gameplay footage in what appears to be[...]