Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle Receives New Story Trailer

Deep Silver has released a brand new story trailer for Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle before the new content is released. A lot of the content in this game shows off the American faction in the game, but more specifically, you're going to be getting a better look at some of the difficult battles that you'll encounter. Many of them taking place in either freezing temperatures or in a scorching desert. However, if you are taking on the role of the American Union of Usonia, surrender is not an option and you will be fighting in those terrains no matter what. You can check out the trailer below as we also have more info on the storyline for this DLC as well. The content will officially launch on May 27th, 2021.

Stand tall with the rest of the Yanks in Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle, courtesy of Deep Silver.
Stand tall with the rest of the Yanks in Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle, courtesy of Deep Silver.

The American Union of Usonia stayed out of World War I and became an economic and military powerhouse, unnoticed by Europe's old elites. Relying heavily on their "Diesel Birds," the Usonia faction brings American might to the Iron Harvest battlefield.

Arabia is a prosperous nation, rich in trade and oil. Its lands are populated by various tribes with complex politics. With the increased mass production of mechs, the Empire of Saxony now has a need and sees an opportunity to occupy Arabian land and claim its resource deposits for themselves. Having watched the devastation of the World War from afar, the reigning king accepts a concession with Saxony to avoid conflict. Arabia's Bedouins fiercely resist against the Saxony encroachment, but the Saxony war machines prove difficult to overcome. In desperation, the King of Arabia secretly contacts an ex-colonial nation – Usonia – to help Arabia reclaim its independence. Hope remains they will send aid for liberation.

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