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Dead Island 2 Announces First Wave Of DLC Content
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios revealed a ton of new content that will be coming to Dead Island 2, but you'll have to wait for the bulk of it The team will have two new expansions on the way, the first being Haus, set to come out in Q4 2023, while the Sola Festival will[...]
Saints Row Releases The Heist & The Hazardous DLC
Deep Silver and developer Volition have launched the first DLC pack for the 2022 version of Saints Row, as we now have The Heist & The Hazardous For a while there, we weren't sure this was even going to happen The game was released last summer, and while there have been updates here and there,[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver are celebrating the launch of Dead Island 2 with a brand-new launch trailer for you to check out There really isn't anything new to this trailer that you haven't already seen before in some capacity or another, it's basically here with some quotes from a few places to hype you[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios dropped a new trailer for Dead Island 2 this week, showing off the opening moments of the game The team basically decided that one of the best ways to tease the game is to give you a look at how it will all start, which is why the latest video[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have released a new video for Dead Island 2 today, as we get a much better look at the gameplay This isn't some flash-in-the-pan trailer, either This is nearly 15 minutes worth of content as they give you a guided tour of the game and how everything will work for[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals Its Final Survivor Named Bruno
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have revealed the final survivor for Dead Island 2 as we get a proper introduction to the character Bruno They don't really show much of the character in the 30 seconds they have here, aside from hearing his voice and getting a glimpse at some of his traits and abilities[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios confirmed Dead Island 2 will be released a week ahead of schedule for PC and consoles The game will now be coming out on April 21st, 2023 No real reason was given for the update or the game being pushed up, other than they want to get it out earlier[...]
Dead Island 2 Releases New Character Trailer For Carla
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios revealed a new trailer this week for Dead Island 2, highlighting a new character by the name of Carla With a love of axes and a distaste for all things undead, Carla makes a brutal addition to the game as she's swinging for the fences at anything that moves You[...]
Dead Island 2 Introduces New Character In Latest Trailer
Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios have released a new Dead Island 2 trailer showing off the latest character for the game, Dani As we slowly make our way to the official release on April 28th, 2023, we're getting to know more of the characters you'll be fighting with, and none look tougher than the[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver took some time today to show off more of what's coming to Dead Island 2 in a special livestream showcase The stream showed a special pulp-adventure setting with three fictional characters set in a similar universe to Dead Island 2, as they attempt tot ell you everything that's going on while also having[...]
We Got To Preview Saints Row In Las Vegas, Baby!
Deep Silver and developer Volition have released a new Saints Row trailer, this time showing off more of the brand new storyline This gives you about two minutes of introduction to the character and what they're all about before they form what will become the newest gang in the city Plus a better look at[...]
We Got To Preview Saints Row In Las Vegas, Baby!
As we mentioned earlier today, we got to go to Las Vegas to preview the new Saints Row title on the way from Deep Silver As part of that experience, we got to talk to some of the people who worked on the game right there as they watched us dive into the new city[...]
We Got To Preview Saints Row In Las Vegas, Baby!
On occasion, really cool stuff gets to happen, like getting a chance to be flown out to Las Vegas by Deep Silver to try out the new Saints Row The franchise has had an interesting history, and while we're sure a lot of people were waiting for Saints Row 5, the reality is a reboot[...]
Deep Silver and Volition
Deep Silver and Volition revealed during Gamescom 2021 that they will be releasing a brand new Saints Row game in February 2022 While they're not explicitly coming right out and saying it, the game is essentially a prequel to the entire franchise as you're seeing the rise of The Saints and how they came into[...]
Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle Will Introduce The Yanks
Deep Silver has released a brand new story trailer for Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle before the new content is released A lot of the content in this game shows off the American faction in the game, but more specifically, you're going to be getting a better look at some of the difficult battles that you'll[...]
Deep Silver Confirms New TimeSplitters Game Is In The Works
Some fun news this morning at Deep Silver has confirmed that there is a brand new TimeSplitters game in development The company revealed that they have formed a brand new development studio that will bring the series back to life But it's not just a set of new developers tackling an older title, they went[...]
Saints Row The Third Character Art
Deep Silver announced this morning that the game will be released on both next-gen consoles on  May 25th, a few days after the PC versions of the game But those with the game on either console will be getting a free upgrade as the devs will be giving those versions the same dynamic improvements as[...]
Saints Row The Third Remastered
Deep Silver has revealed that they will be releasing Saints Row The Third Remastered on Steam later this month The news came down this past week in the most simplistic way possible as someone straight-up asked the game's Twitter account if there were any plans to bring it to Steam, to which they replied "Yes[...]
Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle Will Introduce The Yanks
Deep Silver and KING Art Games are adding the Americans to the mix with the popular PC take on the board game of the same name Specifically, the American Union of Usonia, which is a not-so-noble version of the western armies in this version of the world They may wave a flag of red, white,[...]
Auto Draft
Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver revealed today that they will be bringing their insane shark game Maneater over to the Nintendo Switch The game did extremely well for itself as an RPG involving being a crazed shark eating human targets, literally making you the shark from Jaws if he was crazy enough to stay near[...]
Gods Will Fall Gets A New Trailer Introducing The Game's Gods
Deep Silver released a brand new trailer this week for Gods Will Fall as you get a better look at the many gods you'll encounter in the game Developed by the Manchester company Clever Beans, the team has slowly been rolling out info on this dark fantasy adventure title that will be released on PS4,[...]
Metro Exodus Will Be Coming To PS5 & Xbox Series X
Deep Silver and 4A Games announced today that they will be bringing Metro Exodus over to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S The announcement comes as the company celebrates the tenth anniversary of the epic story-driven first-person shooter series, inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky The next-gen version of the game will be coming[...]
Iron Harvest Releases A New Massive Update With A New Game Mode
Deep Silver revealed this week that Iron Harvest has received a massive content update adding in a brand new mode to play We have descriptions of what's been added below, but the shorthand version is that the new mode is called Drop Zone, in which you will have to go around collecting stockpiles of goods[...]
Shenmue 3 Has Been Pushed Back To November 2019
Deep Silver revealed this week that they have officially launched Shenmue 3 on Steam for everyone to enjoy The company is offering up the game at a pretty decent discount during launch week, running from now until November 23rd That includes the main game, the Deluxe Edition, all three DLC's and the Season Pass, most[...]
9 Monkeys Of Shaolin Makes Its Debut During Gamescom 2020
Deep Silver and Baku Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer showing off more of 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin This beat-em-up arcade title will give you throwback vibes to old kung fu movies as you will battle your way through armies of foot soldiers to take on some of the most fearsome foes in the[...]
Iron Harvest Receives A Brand New Story Trailer Ahead Of Gamescom
Before Deep Silver takes Iron Harvest into the online version of Gamescom 2020, we got a brand new story trailer for the game As we've mentioned before, this game plays a lot off of the RTS board game Scythe The idea behind the game is that shortly after the first World War,  our technology went[...]
The Latest Iron Harvest Trailer Shows Off The Saxony Faction
Deep Silver has released a new trailer this week for Iron Harvest, showing off The Saxony Empire in all of its glory If you're not already familiar with this game, its based on the universe of the board game Scythe, utilizing the art created by the Polish artist Jakub Różalski You're in an alternate history[...]
Deep Silver Reveals All Of The Car Classes In Dirt 5
Deep Silver revealed some new info for Dirt 5 today as they unveiled all of the different classes of cars you'll be able to play in the game This collection is basically a player's touches of cars that can go the distance in the grime and the mud, as you'll have your choice from Cross[...]
F1 2020 Shows Off All The Games Features In A New Trailer
Deep Silver has released a new trailer this week for I, showing off all of the game's features that players will have access to Along with developers Codemasters, the team has been taking a ton of the feedback they got from players in the past and incorporating it into the latest incarnation This includes the[...]