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Iron Harvest Adds New World Campaign Map & Free Steam Weekend
Prime Matter and King Art Games have released a new update to Iron Harvest this week as you have a new world campaign map to fight on This is a completely free update that adds more from the previous update to the game in June, as you will be able to continue the fight in[...]
Iron Harvest Complete Edition Is Coming To Consoles In October
King Art Games have announced today that they will be releasing Iron Harvest Complete Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X This specific version is pretty much what you would suspect it to be, as it contains the previously released Rusviet Revolution and Operation Eagle DLC add-ons to make it a complete content package (so[...]
Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle Will Introduce The Yanks
Deep Silver has released a brand new story trailer for Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle before the new content is released A lot of the content in this game shows off the American faction in the game, but more specifically, you're going to be getting a better look at some of the difficult battles that you'll[...]
Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle Will Introduce The Yanks
Iron Harvest will be getting a dose of forced patriotism as the next DLC add-on, Operation Eagle, well bring in The Yanks Deep Silver and KING Art Games are adding the Americans to the mix with the popular PC take on the board game of the same name Specifically, the American Union of Usonia, which[...]
Iron Harvest Releases A New Massive Update With A New Game Mode
Deep Silver revealed this week that Iron Harvest has received a massive content update adding in a brand new mode to play We have descriptions of what's been added below, but the shorthand version is that the new mode is called Drop Zone, in which you will have to go around collecting stockpiles of goods[...]
Iron Harvest Receives A Brand New Story Trailer Ahead Of Gamescom
Before Deep Silver takes Iron Harvest into the online version of Gamescom 2020, we got a brand new story trailer for the game As we've mentioned before, this game plays a lot off of the RTS board game Scythe The idea behind the game is that shortly after the first World War,  our technology went[...]
The Latest Iron Harvest Trailer Shows Off The Saxony Faction
Deep Silver has released a new trailer this week for Iron Harvest, showing off The Saxony Empire in all of its glory If you're not already familiar with this game, its based on the universe of the board game Scythe, utilizing the art created by the Polish artist Jakub Różalski You're in an alternate history[...]
KINGArt Games Shows Off A New Iron Harvest Demo Video
KINGArt Games released a brand new video today for their upcoming RTS title Iron Harvest, set to be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2018 The video itself is a demo that focuses on "tech and controls", which is a fancy way of saying you get about 45 seconds of gameplay demonstration[...]