It's Not Just You: Team GO Rocket Battles Are Broken In Pokémon GO

Have you noticed anything strange happening with the Team GO Rocket Leaders? Personally, I'm a big fan of this feature and I prioritize Shiny Shadow hunting, making it my goal to catch every available one. This leads to me using my Rocket Radars daily, and often multiple times per day. Because of this, I have built teams for each Leader and have gotten these battles down to a science. I'm often able to complete these battles with just one Pokémon. However, after downloading the recent update from Niantic, I found myself getting beaten by Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra multiple times in a row. I had to switch up those seasoned teams that had been working for curveball choices, and still, I would watch my Pokémon take damage while I would tap on the attack button, watching no damage being dealt. I took to social media to see what was going on, and found others experiencing the same issue. It's not just you. There is a problem with Team GO Rocket.

Team GO Rocket Leader in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Team GO Rocket Leader in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

How do we know this is a glitch and not some kind of new feature powering up these villains in Pokémon GO? Well, Niantic has updated their glitches page with confirmation that this is indeed an error and will be fixed. They wrote:

After a Charged Move or switch, there is no attack delay from Team GO Rocket or Team Leader.

Issue description: After a Charged Move or a switch, Team GO Rocket and Team Leaders are expected to pause before they begin fast attacking the Trainer again. However, the pause does not happen, which may increase difficulty in battling. Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release (0.225.2)

So fear not! This is not a permanent aspect of the game. One thing I'd suggest, though, is not to take on Giovanni during this time if you have yet to battle him to earn your Shadow Lugia catch. Things will, it seems, soon return to standard difficulty.

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