Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Launches For PlayStation & Switch

PlayStation and Nintendo Switch fans will be happy to know that Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja has officially launched for both systems today. Harkening back to the original titles where cavemen would fight off the angry beasts of their time with sticks and other weapons, this brand new adventure will see the duo learning new skills as prehistoric ninjas. Skills that they will use to search for all of the kidnapped women from their village and bring down foes who wish to do all of them harm. Enjoy the latest trailer as this is out for both consoles now.

New Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Receives Gameplay Trailer
Credit: Microids

"We're back in the distant past, when "Rock & Roll" was just about rocks and "Fast food," a dinner that you couldn't catch. Two cave dudes named Joe & Mac live in a peaceful and cool village. Cool it was, until a bogus bunch of Neanderthal snatched all the village's women. It's now up to Joe & Mac to save them all and fight against deadly dinosaurs and carnivorous plants in this crazy and colorful action-platformer from Jurassic time, with completely redesigned graphics! The HD version of this famous arcade game is still fun and quirky, but also longer, better, faster, stronger…

  • A BRANDNEW DESIGN: Experience a full and faithful remake of the arcade original game with new graphics, new sounds, and better control for an unprecedented experience
  • NEW MODES: Two modes are on the menu, the arcade Mode (Remake) and an extended mode that will bring you a longer game experience.
  • CO-OP MODE: one pre-historical dude may not be enough; ask a friend to play with you to share a stronger adventure.
  • EACH MODE WILL HAVE NEW FEATURES: a training mode, a boss rush mode, a score attack mode, and, to play faster than ever, a speedrun mode! All these features for a funny, colorful, and quirky GAME, and A challenging and full of content game for all kinds of players."

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