Jurassic World Alive Brings The Franchise Into Augmented Reality

Jurassic World Alive has been announced for mobile devices, bringing dinosaurs to the Pokemon Go formula.

Jurassic World Alive

It's not news to say that Pokemon Go did really well. For a while, it seemingly took over the world, with everyone and their mum trying to get in on becoming a Pokemon master in (augmented) real life. The game did incredibly well and brought AR into the mainstream in a big way. It's not surprising that other franchises are trying to cash in on the craze too, with a Niantic developed Harry Potter game set to land some point soon.

Well, Jurassic World has a movie coming up this summer, so, of course, the franchise is jumping on the trend. Jurassic World Alive will take the formula of Pokemon Go and fill your world with dinosaurs. As you walk around the real world, you will be able to collect DNA from the dinosaurs. Once you do that, you will grow your research level and then eventually begin to create new dinosaurs by mixing the creatures together. You'll also get to battle them against friends as the game has a PvP arena mode, something Pokemon Go was always lacking. Here is a trailer for the game:

There is no release date attached to the game just yet, but you can pre-register to be told when the game is going to be coming. You can do that here. This is a bit of a bizarre little thing and it's form doesn't seem quite as solid as mixing AR with Pokemon, but I'm sure there will be some who love walking around and picking up DNA for different dinosaurs. The PvP is a nice leg up on the competition. We will have to keep our eye on it.