Just Cause Developer Avalanche Studios is Teasing a New IP

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has shown off a new IP on Twitter in a new tease hinting that we might get a better look at the title today.

just cause

Avalanche Studios seem to be a pretty busy place at the moment. The developer recently announced that it was working on Rage 2 alongside id Software which would already be plenty, but due to the infamous Walmart leak a few weeks ago, in which everything has seemingly been legitimate, there was a listing for Just Cause 4. Of course, that hasn't been confirmed yet, but there certainly are some expectations.

Well, it seems they might be about to get even busier. Founder at the studio Christofer Sundberg took to Twitter yesterday to share a picture of a new game being played. This is a self-published venture, a new IP coming from the team. The picture shows a first-person shooter with another character and some kind of creature on the road. There isn't a lot more to go on here, but it seems we won't have too long to wait. One hashtag in the title does say 24 hours so it is very possible we get a reveal of the game today at some point.

I've been a fan of Avalanche's work over the years, usually a studio making scrappy games that take a few risks and play with interesting ideas. The team taking a game from the ground up and putting it out themselves could suggest something even wilder and I'd certainly have an interest in it. Here's hoping we get that reveal soon.