Kerbal Space Program 2 Releases A New Video Exploring Planets

Private Division has released a new video this week for Kerbal Space Program 2 showing off more of the planets in this new game. The original game didn't have a lot for us to personally gripe about, but if you had to bring up a string of things that could have been better, planets would be in the top five. This is what brings us to today's video as the team behind the game along with some officials from NASA, scientists, and other experts come together to talk about everything they've done to make these plants both look and feel far more accurate to what you would encounter in space. One of the cooler items they talk about in there is making a planet that, because of the way it's been created in space and the sun it's rotating around, is basically made of porcelain. You can enjoy the video below as we're all still waiting around to see when this game will be released.

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Credit: Private Division

With new advanced scatter and terrain details, there is something special to discover on every planet. Featuring a wide range of environments from vast deserts to towering mountain ranges, the celestial bodies are more complex than ever before, providing unique challenges and unforgettable journeys for all players. This is especially compelling for returning KSP 1 players, many of whom will be left in awe at the leaps forward in design from the original game.

In the developer video below you'll find in-depth details about exploring the celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program 2, learning about the varied planets you might discover on your voyage to the stars. Perhaps the most interesting part is that all of these fictional planets are not just potentially real in our own galaxy, but are even based on guidance from astrophysicists such as Dr. Joel Green, who is featured in the video.

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