Konami Releases Frogger & The Rumbling Ruins On Apple Arcade

Konami dropped a surprise new title into Apple Arcade yesterday as players can jump into Frogger & The Rumbling Ruins. Expanding on the classic franchise in a new way, you'll be taking the classic iconic frog on a new adventure through an ancient temple with tons of ruins to explore. All while accompanied by a lost fairie who has a few special powers to help you along the way. It may not be the traditional game of survival in the middle of traffic you're familiar with, but for a mobile title, it looks pretty fun. You can download the game right now through Apple Arcade, but before that, here's some more info and a trailer for the game.

Konami Releases Frogger & The Rumbling Ruins On Apple Arcade
Credit: Konami

When Frogger sets out to investigate, he meets 'Axol,' a lost fairie with mysterious powers. Treasures in the ruins, stone tablets, the disappearing froglets and who is Axol's mom…? The only one who can get to the bottom of it all is Frogger! In Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins, players will guide Frogger through the ruins by manipulating the terrain whilst avoiding various traps and enemies. The game features intuitive three-dimensional puzzles, a fun and friendly story with unique characters throughout the player's journey and ferocious boss battles in the deepest parts of the ruins. Can you discover all of the treasure within the ruins and unravel the myseteries of the Ancient Salientians? Make your way through puzzle-ridden ruins and unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Salientians.

  • Guide Frogger through the ruins by manipulating the terrain!
  • Simple and intuitive three-dimensional puzzles.
  • More than 100 stages with all sorts of traps and enemies!
  • And in the deepest parts of the ruins, will a ferocious boss battle await?
  • A fun and friendly story with a group of unique friends.
  • Add all treasures found in the ruins to your collection!

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