Krafton Announces Top-Down Tactical Shooter Thunder Tier One

Krafton unveiled a brand new game during The Game Awards 2020 as we're getting a new top-down tactical shooter called Thunder Tier One. You'll be an operator in a group going around saving everyone from ongoing threats to security and freedom. The game will come with a couple of different modes, including Advance and Secure where two teams battle for control of various sectors across the map. As well as Deathmatch, which will allow players to go up against each other in a free-for-all battle setting across two maps. They've also revealed a couple of campaign missions that have been created so far, but nothing too in-depth about the game's storyline or how you'll go about working it.

Protect your squad, yourself, and the world! Courtesy of Krafton.
Protect your squad, yourself, and the world! Courtesy of Krafton.

In fact, a lot of the info we should have about the game is in the dark. Nevermind the release date info, which at this point appears to be early 2022 at the moment. We don't even have basic info about how online is going to work out with season passes or just regular old DLC content. Or if there's anything beyond the campaign and a couple of squad modes. You can watch the trailer below as we wait for the company to drop more info, which will probably come this Summer.

Welcome, operator! Join Thunder, an elite international special operations team tasked with saving the world from terrorist organisations who threaten global security. Thunder Tier One is a top-down real-time tactical shooter that lets you play as tier one operator in a 10-mission story driven single player campaign across various scenarios, as well as quick modes such as Terrorist Hunt. However, the true essence of the game is to be experienced in multiplayer, which features 4-player co-op mode and PVP modes, Death Match and Advance & Secure.


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