Liquid Media Signs New Distribution Deal With Atari

Liquid Media Group announced today they have signed a brand new distribution agreement with Atari revolving around their new console. According to the brief tidbits presented about the deal, it will bring SlipStream, Liquid's video-on-demand distribution platform, to the Atari VCS as a downloadable app for people to view content through the console. SlipStream primarily has outdoor content featuring people going off on nature adventures or exploring parts of the world in their natural form. So if you're a fan of nature, that's a pretty good avenue of content for you. However, if you're a gamer, you're probably scratching your head right now and wondering if anything gaming-related might be coming to it. While the buildup for the VCS' content has been slow, they have been building a roster of games and services for people to essentially do streaming and cloud gaming. While this move may be odd to some, the company is at least trying to build a library that appeals to more people than just hardcore gamers. We have a quote from today's announcement from LMG's CEO about the deal.

SlipStream will be coming to the VCS as part of its growing roster of apps and streaming services. Courtesy of Atari.
SlipStream will be coming to the VCS as part of its growing roster of apps and streaming services. Courtesy of Atari.

"Atari committed early on to make its new VCS a highly versatile home entertainment platform and we believe Liquid will find a great audience within the VCS ecosystem. It will help us drive forward transformative innovation," said Ronald W. Thomson, CEO of Liquid. "Teaming up with Atari also supports our recalibrated business strategy, and offers wider exposure for Liquid's Slipstream service, known as the Netflix for adventure outdoor films, and our Reelhouse video community. Celebrating the launch of the SlipStream app on the Atari VCS is a highlight of Liquid's technological plan. It is a milestone that we are incredibly excited about. We look forward to sharing information about our revised business model and direction, which Liquid has created and is already executing on, in the coming weeks and months."

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