Marnie Box & More Pokémon TCG Products Release Today

July 2021 was a quiet month for Pokémon TCG collectors. Almost… too quiet. The month saw just one release with the monthly First Partner Pack, and that's pretty much because we'd be hit with a veritable wave of products the following month. Now, August 2021 is here and this first Friday brings us a whopping five major Pokémon TCG product releases. Let's take a look at what's coming.

This week's new products. Credit: Pokémon TCG
This week's new products. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The full list of Pokémon TCG products releasing today includes:

  • Marnie Premium Tournament Collection: This is the star of the week. This box includes seven packs (1 Darkness Ablaze, 1 Vivid Voltage, 2 Battle Styles, 3 Chilling Reign), three copies of a Marnie and Morpeko Trainer card, and perhaps the most anticipated trainer card of the year, the new Black Star Promo Full Art Marnie. This box also includes sleeves, a Marnie coin, and a deck box, making it a highly coveted product. This is already going for way over MSRP online, so hopefully, the Pokémon TCG will print it into oblivion.
  • Trainer's Tool Kit 2021: This will likely be the least sought-after release of the month, but don't turn up your nose at this one. It includes booster packs and three brand new Black Star Promos, including two oddities. The main feature is the Crobat V SWSH Promo, but there are also two additional Sun & Moon-era SM Promos added to that collection of Black Star Promos two years late with Mismagius and a new Trainer card. Neither are holo, though. Packs included are 1 Sword & Shield base, 1 Vivid Voltage, and 2 Chilling Reign.
  • Ice Rider Calyrex V Box: This is a standard V box with a Black Star Promo Ice Rider Calyrex, a jumbo version of the same card, and four booster packs including 1 Rebel Clash, 1 Darkness Ablaze, and 2 Chilling Reign.
  • Shadow Rider Calyrex V Box: Identical to the Ice Rider box, except for a different Black Star Promo which features, of course, Shadow Rider Calyrex.
  • First Partner Pack: Hoenn: I haven't gotten a chance to open this one myself, but we can confirm it includes the normal oversized cards featuring the Hoenn starters and two booster packs. Stay tuned for my review once I can get this in hand.

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