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Pokémon May Have Hacked Your Brain as a Child

Nintendo and GameFreak's Pokémon franchise have become an unstoppable gaming juggernaut over the years, but for children who grew up with the games and anime, the pixelated sprites may have had some lasting effects on their brain. A recent scientific study into the neuroscience of Pokémon indicates that children who grew up with the characters […]

Pokémon TCG Reveals New Detective Pikachu Cards

Hot on the heels of the latest trailer for Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the movie, The Pokémon Company International has unveiled the remaining cards from the special Detective Pikachu expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. While the majority of the new reveals are based on characters we've seen in in the two trailers so far, the reveal also […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For April 10

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on April 10, the 100th day of the year: 1952- Singin in […]

The Retro 90s Style We Loved In Pokemon TCG Is Back!

After a week like this one, it's nice to spend a good chunk of time diving into things that you love. For my boyfriend and I, that means playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon TCG) for hours. Pokemon International + Cassandra Reynoso = two very happy Pokemon TCG addicted players. Over the past month she has been […]

The Pokemon TCG, New Ultra Cards, And The Largest Trading Card Mosaic

I don't think that the Pokemon Trading Card Game gets much attention anymore. In fact, I think a lot of us forget that it's still around. Unless perhaps you turn your attention towards that section of the aisle when you're about to checkout at Target. I'm here to tell you that the TCG is still alive and […]