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The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Brilliant Stars Part 28: Marnie Returns
While some may see this as the worst Full Art pull in the set, I think I'd rather pull this than Barry. Marnie's Pride Full Art Trainer Supporter: A rival character and later the Gym Leader of Spikemuth Gym, Marnie is a major breakout character of the Sword & Shield era Along with Lillie from Sun & Moon,[...]
Pokémon TCG: Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection Coming
Last year, the Pokémon TCG released one of the year's most hyped cards, the Marnie Full Art, as a guaranteed promo in a new type of product called the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection Much like a more compact Elite Trainer Box, this collection includes quite a few packs, but the major focus is the Full[...]
Pikachu & Marnie Secret Rares Included in Pokémon TCG: Start Deck 100
However, as people begin to open the set's products, it has been revealed that there will indeed be a collection of Secret Rares including new Pikachu and Marnie cards. Start Deck 100 Secret Rares Credit: Pokémon TCG Start Deck 100 Secret Rares Credit: Pokémon TCG The following cards have been revealed as Start Deck 100 Secret Rares: 415: Pikachu[...]
Pokémon Center Japan Debuts New Galar Friends Merch
New Pokémon TCG merch featuring the Galar Friends, including fan-favorite breakout trainer Marnie, will be released by the Pokémon Center Japan on December 10th This is part of the promotional run for the new high-class set VMAX Climax which includes a Secret Rare Full Art Trainer card of the Galar Friends. December 2021 merch[...]
A Holographic History of the Pokémon TCG: Rainbow Rare Trainers
Some of these are major hits, such as the Marnie from Sword & Shield base, but the fanbase does seem to slightly prefer Full Art Trainer Supporters This is evidenced by watching the market value of modern sets When a Trainer Supporter becomes a chase card in  a Pokémon TCG set, the Full Art version of[...]
Pokémon TCG Product Review: Opening Trainer’s Toolkit 2021
The Marnie Premium Tournament Collection is one of the most anticipated Pokémon TCG releases of 2021 and I have one to open and discuss with Bleeding Cool readers Let's crack into it. Marnie Premium Tournament Collection Credit: Pokémon TCG The Promos Going into this box is almost a relief Unlike a standard V box, where the promo card is[...]
Ultra Unlock Part Two: Time is Now Live in Pokémon GO
Credit: Pokémon TCG The full list of Pokémon TCG products releasing today includes: Marnie Premium Tournament Collection: This is the star of the week This box includes seven packs (1 Darkness Ablaze, 1 Vivid Voltage, 2 Battle Styles, 3 Chilling Reign), three copies of a Marnie and Morpeko Trainer card, and perhaps the most anticipated trainer card[...]
What Pokémon TCG Packs Come in the Marnie Tournament Collection?
So what other product could possibly garner enough hype to match those? It's the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection This box is unique in its desirability among collectors While the Pokémon TCG scalping crisis is all but over, this product is going for more than double MSRP ahead of its release The promo cards in the box are[...]
Tonight is Squirtle Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO: Tips & Bonus
What, then, could be more coveted than a Shiny Charizard in the Japanese-language Shiny Star V? Well, it's a Full Art Trainer Supporter card featuring Marnie Looking at eBay, just yesterday raw copies of this card sold for $374 and $375, with graded copies selling for near or even over $1,000 USD in come cases. Shining Fates[...]
Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Promos Revealed: Lance's Charizard & More
has announced the arrival of two new Galarian Sync Pairs coming this summer, including Gloria and Inteleon and the iconic Marnie and Grimsnarl Let's get into the details. Gloria, Marnie, & their partners in Pokémon Masters EX Credit: DeNA Here's the breakdown of everything you need to know about these new summer-themed Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters EX. Gloria[...]
Pokémon GO Friendship Day 2021 Event Review: Solid Gameplay
We finally know where the mysteriously missing Marnie Full Art card will turn up This card, which was originally in the Japanese-language Shiny Star V set, never made it into the English adaptation, Shining Fates. This is because it will be the featured promo card of an upcoming product called the Pokémon TCG: Marnie Tournament Premium Collection. Marnie from[...]
Pokémon GO Rival’s Week 2021 Event Review: New Kalos Species
It's the Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter. Shiny Star V's Marnie Credit: Pokémon TCG This Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter depicts a victorious Marnie, who was introduced in the Pokémon Sword & Shield games as a breakout character There was another Marnie card in the Sword & Shield base set that was the chase card of the set, in[...]
Pokémon Champions Head to Pasio in Pokémon Masters EX
Credit: DeNA In addition to these new events, DeNA offered an update on the Leon and Marnie Retweet Rally Pokémon Masters EX announced in their press release: A Retweet rally was held in early March, in which if enough players retweeted the trailer on the game's official Japanese Twitter(@pokemas_game) and English Twitter (@PokémonMasters) pages, 3,000 Gems and[...]
Marnie, Morpeko, Leon, & Charizard Feature in Pokémon Masters EX
That's right: we're talking Charizard. Marnie & Morpeko in Pokémon Masters EX Credit: DeNA DeNA Co., Ltd., in partnership with The Pokémon Company, has announced the First Master Sync Pair: Leon, the Champion of the Galar region from the Sword & Shield games, and his partner Pokémon Charizard Master Sync Pairs will have a "passive skill" that[...]