Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Reveals In & Out Of Combat Videos

Square Enix has released a pair of videos today showing off parts of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy both in and out of combat. The shorthand to the videos is that they want to give you as much info as possible about how you'll be able to interact with the world in the two primary modes the character is in, as you will be controlling Star-Lord for the majority of the experience. The first half talks about what you'll need to do when you reach a point of combat and how it will work for you controlling Star-Lord while also getting the other Guardians in on the attack based on your leadership. Meanwhile, the second video will show you how you'll gather info and learn more before diving into different situations. You can watch both videos below along with added into from the devs.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy will be released on October 26th, courtesy of Square Enix.
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy will be released on October 26th, courtesy of Square Enix.

Just as they all have their own distinct personalities out of combat, each Guardian similarly boasts their own unique specialties and abilities on the battlefield, with their strategic management proving paramount for players hoping to take down the vast array of different enemies they'll encounter while adventuring through the cosmos. Rocket serves as the group's multi-target explosive specialist, Groot as its protector and healer, Drax as its staggering wrecking ball, Gamora as its high-damage single-target assassin, and Star-Lord as, of course, its versatile "so-called" leader.

In Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, players won't only have the opportunity to lead the Guardians in combat. As seen in the second video, they'll also be responsible for steering their teammates in the right direction while journeying to and from a plethora of iconic Marvel locations on the Milano. Making choices (and dealing with the consequences) is a core part of being a leader, and it's similarly at the core of the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy experience, from deciding how to approach a conversation, to allocating ability points, to choosing between comic-accurate and original outfits, and beyond.

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