MaskMaker To Be Released On Meta Quest 2 Before Year's End

Vertigo Games and PLAION revealed this week that they will be releasing their VR game MaskMaker on Meta Quest 2 sometime this year. The game has already been out on Steam for over a year, giving players a surreal game in which you gain powers from crafting different types of masks. All while trying to figure out who some of the players are involved in this weird play about who has the true power as you come face-to-face with some powerful entities. You can check out the latest trailer down at the bottom, as the game will be released for Meta Quest 2 on December 15th, 2022.

MaskMaker To Be Released On Meta Quest 2 Before Year's End
Credit: Vertigo Games

In an all-new mysterious universe built by the developers of the award-winning A Fisherman's Tale, you play as a Maskmaker's apprentice and learn the magic of crafting masks to immerse yourself in the intriguing, enigmatic beings within the game. From mask-to-mask and puzzle-to-puzzle, explore your way through the "mask realm" to seek Prospero, who appears to rule it, and ultimately unravel the secret of his identity. MaskMaker provides a captivating VR adventure full of mystery and a sense of constant wonder. Will you become… the MASKMAKER?

  • Extensive & unique use of VR: Showing gameplay and puzzles using specific capabilities exclusive to VR.
  • Eight stunning biomes: Explore the world, observe the unique ways of each culture you visit, craft their mask, and access new biome's by using their masks.
  • Crafting: Learn the ability to craft many magical masks using different rare resources you collect, paints, and shapes to create increasingly sophisticated masks.
  • Possession: Wear the mask, blend in with each biome's culture and inhabit the spirits, colorful characters, each with a different role to play.
  • Prospero's Workshop: As the apprentice, learn to make your first mask with Prospero's help, but who is the real man behind the mask?

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