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MaskMaker To Be Released On Meta Quest 2 Before Year's End
Vertigo Games and PLAION revealed this week that they will be releasing their VR game MaskMaker on Meta Quest 2 sometime this year The game has already been out on Steam for over a year, giving players a surreal game in which you gain powers from crafting different types of masks All while trying to[...]
After The Fall - Frontrunner Edition Is Coming In Late March
Vertigo Games revealed that After The Fall – Frontrunner Edition will be coming to VR platforms in late March with new content This version is essentially the most complete copy of the game with all the updates, DLC, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes included in one single package On top of that, you're[...]
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Vertigo Games has released a new video showing off some of the new co-op gameplay you can experience in their VR game After The Fall Up until now, we were kind of curious how this aspect of the game would work out as it's occasionally difficult to even get two-player games going smoothly when they're[...]
VR Music Game Unplugged Headed To Oculus Quest
Vertigo Games will be releasing their VR music game Unplugged on PC VR next week, and with it will come some bonus content First off, the game is getting a brand new exclusive track as players will be able to play the song "Unplug Yourself" from Steel Panther, which is going to be one of[...]
VR Music Game Unplugged Headed To Oculus Quest
Vertigo games decided to reveal their entire setlist for their upcoming VR air guitar title Unplugged along with some partnerships The game is set to be released on October 21st for Oculus Quest as well as for other VR systems on PC at a later date, but up until now, we didn't really know what[...]
VR Music Game Unplugged Headed To Oculus Quest
Vertigo Games announced this week that their musical VR game Unplugged with be headed to the Oculus Quest next month According to everything released about this version, it appears to be the current build with all the updates and fixes that the game has received so far, giving Oculus players everything other players already have[...]
Vertigo Games Acquires VR Development Studio Force Field
VR studio Vertigo Games announced this past week that they have acquired the VR development studio Force Field While the finer details of the deal weren't revealed, we do know the two have entered into an agreement where Vertigo will acquire 100% percent of the company's shares for an undisclosed amount Apparently after that, business[...]
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Vertigo Games revealed today that they will be releasing their co-op VR action title After The Fall sometime in the Summer of 2021 From the same team that did Arizona Sunshine, this game will throw you into the middle of an FPS as you and your friends will fight against a hostile, evolving post-apocalyptic Los[...]
A Fisherman's Tale Receives an Official Release Date
Vertigo Games, Innerspace, and ARTE have finally unveiled when we'll be getting the surreal VR game A Fisherman's Tale in 2019 The official release date will be January 22nd, and will be available on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality As part of the announcement, a new video has been released showing five[...]
A Fisherman's Tale Will Finally Be Released in January
Vertigo Games, Innerspace, and ARTE finally announced that their VR title, A Fisherman's Tale, would finally be released in January 2019 This one has kinda been in the air for a while as it's a surreal VR tale involving a fisherman at a lighthouse with its own miniature fisherman and lighthouse in the mix[...]
Vertigo Games Releases a New Trailer for A Fisherman's Tale
Over the weekend, Vertigo Games shared a new trailer for their upcoming VR title from Innerspace VR called A Fisherman's Tale We're actually intrigued by this one as it's a bit of a surreal puzzle title with a guy who is basically a puppet living in the woods It's weird but in a delightful way[...]