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Microsoft Is Giving Away Three Xbox One X Pride Consoles

Today, Microsoft will be giving away three Xbox One X consoles during a 24-hour Pride livestream, all of which have a specific Pride theme. Throughout the stream, they will give away one console each at a specific time, which you can read about in the rules found here. They'll give instructions in the stream of how to enter, and then choose one random person to win the Xbox for that drawing. These designs are pretty awesome and give each Xbox One X a little more love than you might see in other designs. The company included the inspirational quote from each artist, which we have for you below. Best of luck to those of you who enter today!

You could win one of these today, courtesy of Microsoft.
You could win one of these today, courtesy of Microsoft.

Free To Be Me
Designer: Angela

Inspiration: "I always appreciate very simple designs as a way to rest as we are visually overstimulated often.  The idea for this design came from focusing on light.  When light is shined on something, it's true colors show.  Everyone is unique, colorful, and glowing when they feel safe and empowered to just be themselves, which is reflective of the title.  I hope everyone can look at this design and feel inspired to just be the light that you already are and pass that light on to others."

Stonewall Mosaic
Designer: Ethan

Inspiration: The "Stonewall Mosaic' special edition Xbox and controller honors the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that took place on June 28th 1969.  Inspired by the march, galvanizing action, and gradients, the design features a radial mosaic, with the location of Stonewall at the center. This symbolizes how a single action sparked a revolution that extended around the world. The original design included controllers with multiple color configurations to celebrate the individual LGBTQI+ communities.

Inner Light
Designer: Aaron

Inspiration: My inspiration started with a simple question: what is Pride? At its essence, it's love⁠—and respect⁠—for one's self. One of the most heartbreaking things in this world is the notion that a human being can feel scared, saddened, or shameful for simply being who they are as a person. We all have so much to offer this world and we shine in many different ways. Never forget to acknowledge your own inner light.

Each Xbox comes with its own special theme, courtesy of Microsoft.
Each Xbox comes with its own special theme, courtesy of Microsoft.

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