"Minecraft Dungeons" Gets A New Video Explaining The Lore

Microsoft and Mojang have released a new video this week for Minecraft Dungeons as they attempt to explain the lore behind the game. This is the final episode of a series of videos they've released over the past couple of months in which they try to explain the game to everyone. Whether you be a hardcore player that's been involved with the franchise for years or if you're a newbie who had no interest until now. For this one, you get game designer Max Herngren and executive producer David Nisshagen talking you through the storyline of the game. Which is interesting to see how they approached putting in a storyline to a game like this.

"Minecraft Dungeons" Gets A New Video Explaining The Lore
Credit: Mojang

According to them, you'll be seeing a new villain called the Arch-Illager, who was originally ostracized and exiled by the Illagers. Then one day, they came across a powerful artifact called The Orb of Dominance, which then empowered Illager and turned him into an insanely powerful mage. And of course, what do all powerful people do with power after they've been scorned? Attack everyone and try to take over. We'll let you watch the rest as we wait to see when Minecraft Dungeons will be released to the world. Right now, the game is set to come out sometime next month for PC and all three major consoles.

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