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Minecraft Announces New Marketplace Add-Ons System
Mojang revealed they have a new addition coming to the Minecraft Marketplace, as players will soon be able to utilize Add-Ons in the game This is an entirely new system of content that allows you to safely mod and customize your copy of the game by adding new elements These include things such as blocks,[...]
Minecraft Announces Universal Studios Experience DLC
Mojang revealed the latest DLC addition for Minecraft as they are working with Universal Studios to give you a special piece of content Being called the Universal Studios Experience, this is their way of plopping the attraction in the middle of their world Woody Woodpecker greets you as he needs help restoring letters on the[...]
Xbox Game Studios and Mojang have launched a new initiative with Minecraft Education, as CyberSafe: Good Game has come out ahead of Safer Internet Day This new addition to the title is the third of its kind, designed to teach lessons through "an immersive, safety-themed learning world." Kids who play the game will be taken through[...]
The Full List Of Announcements From Minecraft Live 2023
Mojang held their annual Minecraft Live 2023 event earlier today, and with it came a number of new announcements about the main game and more Among the new items coming to the franchise are a Star Wars DLC, a new Planet Earth addition working with BBC Earth, the 15th Anniversary of the game, and new[...]
Minecraft Adds New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC
Get ready to have a throwback to the '80s as Mojang has added a brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC to Minecraft This is about as faithful of a recreation of the old cartoon show you'll ever see as they have created all four turtles, Splinter, bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder, the sewers, NYC, vehicles, the Technodrome,[...]
Minecraft Releases Deatils Coming For The Trails & Tales Update
Mojang has revealed new details about the upcoming update coming to Minecraft, as players will soon be able to experience Trails & Tales for themselves The game will be getting several additions when it goes live on June 7th, including the return of the Sniffer, the addition of Camels, more Armor Trims, the Archeology addition,[...]
Pringles Announces New Minecraft Flavor Hitting Shelves Today
Kellogg's has partnered with Mojang for another food item, this time going for the savory as Pringles has a new Minecraft-themed flavor The new flavor is called Suspicious Stew, and while we can't specifically name what it tastes like ourselves, we can say it has a hint of onion and beef, so it does taste[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Will Come To Minecraft This Spring
Here's the official description from WotC and Mojang on the new content. Credit: WotC/Mojang "In this new Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC, players choose among classes like barbarian or wizard and explore five iconic Forgotten Realms locations, such as Candlekeep and Icewind Dale, while defeating classic baddies like beholders, mimics, mindflayers, and, of course, dragons! This new, original[...]
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Partners With Minecraft For New Promotion
Kellogg's and Mojang have come together for a new promotion, as Frosted Flakes will be getting a little blocky with Minecraft As a bit of a follow-up to the 2020 cereal the two came together on, this is a crossover of sorts where you will be able to get specially marked boxes of Frosted Flakes[...]
Minecraft Reveals Details To The “Trails & Tales” Update
Mojang revealed the next major update for Minecraft, which used to be called 1.20, has been renamed to Trails & Tales The theme of this particular update is self-expression, as the team is hoping you'll take the content they're releasing and find ways to utilize it "through representation, storytelling, and worldbuilding." We have more info[...]
Minecraft Adds New Valentine's Day Content In Latest Update
Mojang has dropped a new update for Minecraft today, of all days, giving you new Valentine's Day content to play around with Update 1.20 has been released, and with it comes some new additions, such as Archeology content that has been in the works for over two years, Sniffers being added to the mix, and[...]
Minecraft Launches New Education Content Ahead Of Safer Internet Day
Mojang revealed a new addition coming to Minecraft's Education line of releases as they launched Privacy Prodigy for Safer Internet Day The content is basically here to teach kids and adults (learning more to the kid's side with the parents playing along to help them) how to safely browse the internet and protect their privacy[...]
Minecraft Launches Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC Map
Mattel and Mojang have come together for a special crossover as they've launched a Minecraft Creator Series – Camp Enderwood Map as a new DLC The two companies have come together for an interesting kind of crossover, as Minecraft has dropped a brand new map today, while Mattel is relating a line of toys specifically[...]
Minecraft & BBC Earth Launch Frozen Planet II Content
Mojang has once again partnered up with BBC Earth as they have launched Frozen Planet II for Minecraft as educational content The move comes as the actual docuseries it's based on will start airing in North America on January 28th, so to bring some of that to the game, they will release five Minecraft worlds[...]
Minecraft & N!CK’s Partner To Launch Square Pint Collection
Minecraft is getting in on the ice cream game, sorta, as Mojang has partnered with N!CK's for a new Square Pint Collection The entire promotion blends the food science technology with elements from the game to create a small collection of ice cream you might enjoy, as it is being sold in brick form with[...]
Minecraft Live Will Be Making A Return Next Month
Microsoft and Mojang announced today that they will be bringing back Minecraft Live, as the event will go digital this October Neither company revealed what would be taking place during the event, only that it would take place on October 15th at 9am PT, and that it would show off a bunch of content to[...]
Minecraft Dungeons
Mojang released new info today about the next Minecraft Dungeons season event which will be taking place later this month The event is being called Luminous Night and it will launch into the game on April 20th, 2022 This will give you a chance to explore The Tower by night with several luminescent features to[...]
Minecraft Launches Lacoste Apparel Collection & Croco Island DLC
Mojang has released a pair of Minecraft-related things this week as we got a new DLC as well as the Lacoste collection Forst, the new fashion collection has launched, as you can now snag an array of apparel from sneakers to polo shirts to shorts and more, all with the special crossover branding on them[...]
Minecraft Reaches One-Trillion Views On YouTube
YouTube and Mojang have announced a special milestone today for Minecraft as the game has reached one-trillion views on the platform The game has constantly been one of the top viewership titles ever since it was launched, and to this day continues to be a chart-topper as it was both the top game and top[...]
Minecraft Drops Two New Expansions Over Two Games
Mojang revealed two new expansions being released for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons to keep you busy in both titles Starting with main Minecraft, the game will be getting Caves & Cliffs: Part 2, adding in a ton of content to the game that enhances what was already released in Part 1 and giving you even[...]
Minecraft's Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure Launches Today
You can read the cute little introduction the developers wrote up for this content as it's available for purchase in their shop right now. Credit: Mojang The other day, my phone rang but the strangest thing happened Instead of the usual buzz, fireworks started to shoot out of it and the entire device started to glow in[...]
Mojang Reveals Everything On The Way At Minecraft Live 2021
Mojang held their annual Minecraft community event earlier today as we got to find out a lot of what they got coming at Minecraft Live 2021 This year's event was held online again, much like they did before due to the pandemic still happening The over two-hour event went over some of the cool stuff[...]
Minecraft Announces Plans For Spookyfest Across Both Games
Mojang revealed details today about all of the plans for Spookyfest happening in both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons this month The annual Halloween additions to the game are going to bring in some fun for everyone across each game, as players in the regular game will get some cool additions to pumpkin spice up your[...]
Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition Is Coming To Steam
Mojang and Xbox Game Studios revealed this morning that Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition will be coming out on Steam This version will be about as complete as it gets as you're getting all the content from the main game, fully updated, plus the DLC's and the Season Pass content that console players had bought and[...]
Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void DLC Will Release On July 28th
Mojang revealed new details of the latest DLC content coming to Minecraft Dungeons as players will be entering the Echoing Void This new update to the game will come with both paid and free content, such as new consumables like Burning Brew a new pet in the Friendermite There's also a new boss in the[...]
Minecraft Receives The Sonic The Hedgehog DLC Today
SEGA and Mojang have come together to add the blue speedster Sonic The Hedgehog and his friends to Minecraft with some new DLC This new partnership comes as part of Sonic's 30th Anniversary, as they will be adding several characters to the game in block form, as well as locations such as Green Hills Zone[...]
Auto Draft
Mojang released two new additions to Minecraft this week as we got the Caves & Cliffs update as well as the new Ben 10 DLC First off, the update is totally free and has been added to every single version of the base game on the planet, so everyone should have it as soon as[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Releases New Content
Mojang is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Minecraft Dungeons with a new DLC release and more content The Hidden Depths includes both paid and free content, which will unlock new ocean-inspired weapons, gear, and artifacts for you to find Some of the items you can snag are the Coral Blade, Bubble Bow, Anchor, and Turtle Armor[...]