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Mojang has released the latest DLC pack to come to Minecraft Dungeons as players can now dive into Flames Of The Nether Harking back to every terrible experience you've ever had in the main game going through this parallel dimension of treasure and horrors, this new DLC pack will have you and your friends scrambling[...]
Minecraft Adds More Lunar New Year Content To The Shop
Mojang announced that it has released new content into Minecraft this week as you can celebrate the Lunar New Year Right now in the shop you can purchase and download themed collections that will stay there until February 16th, as well as several free Character Creator items that are available now including the Ox Sweater, Ox[...]
Minecraft Releases Sustainability City Map To Play
Mojang has released the new Sustainability City Map in Minecraft which was inspired by Microsoft's Annual Sustainability Report This is a completely free map that you can download either through the Education Edition of the game or through the "Education Collection" of content The goal of it is to teach regular users how to best[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Officially Kicks Off Its Chills & Thrills Event
Mojang launched a new event into Minecraft Dungeons this week as players can take part in the free adventures of Chills & Thrills The company didn't really go into a ton of detail about it after it officially launched yesterday, with the event running until almost the end of the month of December As you[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Officially Receives Cross-Platform Play
No release date has been set for the cloud feature, but it's certainly one that has a lot of people's interest. Now it doesn't matter what system you're on for Minecraft Dungeons, courtesy of Mojang. Dear reader, this is not the world's most heavily branded choose-your-own-adventure novel It's a real dilemma for us who want to play[...]
Minecraft Announces Release Date Of First Free “Good Trouble” Lesson
Mojang Studios has announced the first lesson in Minecraft's "Good Trouble: Social Justice Movements Around the World" learning series The first episode will debut next Thursday, November 5th, completely free for people to check out both the in-game Minecraft Marketplace and in Minecraft: Education Edition According to the info provided, the content is designed to[...]
Minecraft Reveals Halloween Plans For Various Things
Mojang revealed details over the weekend of what they have planned across all of Minecraft for Halloween 2020 Along with some in0game events across all of their titles, you can also get in on the costume love with some official merch to make you look like one of several characters or objects in the game[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Will Be Getting Cross-Play In November
It was also revealed that the next DLC pack called Howling Peaks will launch in December 2020, which you can read a little more about below as we wait for a date on that as well. The next update for Minecraft Dungeons will arrive in November, courtesy of Mojang. My darling Arch-Illager's playground will get a major update[...]
Highlights From Announcements Made During Minecraft Live
Minecraft Live took place over the weekend, and while Mojang couldn't hold the event in person, they still had a lot to talk about with fans The company talked about how they saw a 90% increase in multiplayer sessions while the community has grown to nearly 132 million players each month during that time They[...]
Mojang Announces Minecraft Live For October 3rd
Mojang has officially replaced their Minecraft Festival with a new online event as it will be holding Minecraft Live in October A few months ago the festical was postponed due to COVID-19 after reserving dates in Orlando, Florida Now we know the physical convention will happen next year while the online replacement will take Place[...]
Jurassic World Has Officially Invaded Minecraft In Latest DLC
You can read up more about it below and check out the trailer for the DLC as you can purchase it right now and get to work welcoming people to Jurassic World. Now you too can build your own dinosaur park only to be chased out of it in Minecraft, courtesy of Mojang. The Jurassic World DLC for Minecraft introduces[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Will Get The Creeping Winter Expansion Next Month
Mojang and Double Eleven revealed today that the Creeping Winter expansion for Minecraft Dungeons is on the way in September The content will drop on September 8th along with three events for the game that the devs didn't go into detail about just yet The game will also receive an update that adds two new[...]
Minecraft Releases The New Way of The Nether Update
Best of luck to you seeking out all of the new things to play with and getting out alive. Looks like we're going to be doing some deep-diving, courtesy of Mojang. The Nether Update brings the heat to an already fiery dimension with new biomes, mobs, and blocks Discover Netherite, a powerful new material that makes Diamond[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Has Two DLC Packs Coming In 2020
Minecraft Dungeons has barely been out for almost a week and already we're hearing that Mojang has some DLC content on the way The game is already receiving some popular reviews, which we'll have ours shortly, with people wondering how much more is on the way The company revealed on their blog that they have[...]
Minecraft Adds Pac-man To The Game For 40th Anniversary
So, of course, Mojang and Microsoft would be on board with adding the character in The company has added a DLC pack in the Marketplace for 1,340 Minecoins, which will get you Mac-Man, all four of the ghosts, and 10 mazes for you to play in a 3D environment perspective instead of the traditional top-down[...]