Monster Hunter: World on PC Won't Have Mods or Cross-Platform Play at Launch

Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has said that Monster Hunter: World on PC won't feature mods or cross-platform play, at least at launch.

Monster Hunter world

Monster Hunter: World remains one of the best games of the year. The title really captured old and new fans alike, remixing and beefing up the formula to more powerful machines than usual. It did very well, but the PC user base has had to sit on their hands while their console friends had fun. They only have about a month to wait now though.

With that news, we are starting to get some details about the version and sadly for now, it seems the game won't be going too far out of its comfort zone. In an interview with PC GamerRyozo Tsujimoto revealed that right now, mods aren't coming to the game. When asked, he said:

We don't have anything to announce at this time.

Bringing some hope, this is left open-ended, so it's possible sometime down the line we could see something. I'd love to see the community go wild with their own creations. I imagine it could get really goofy.

Sadly, you won't be playing with you console friends either. In the same interview, Tsujimoto confirmed that cross-platform play wouldn't be coming. This seems largely in part to the game's patches and content rolling out at slightly different times across all the platforms, so it wouldn't synch up properly.

While these would have been nice additions, I don't think it's too surprising that we aren't seeing these yet. I know the enthusiasm for the title will still be high and it really isn't long to wait now.