More American Ships Make Their Way Into World Of Warships: Legends

Wargaming has released details of a new update coming to World Of Warships: Legends as players will be getting The Liberty Zeitgeist. This new campaign edition will add several new American ships to the mix along with a special bureau project. Other additions include a whole alternate battleship tech tree branch (in Early Access), three German aircraft carriers, and a new season of Arena. We have details and a trailer below from the team, as the update will go into effect this week.

Credit: Wargaming
Credit: Wargaming

The new "Georgia On My Mind" campaign presents the fast American battleship, Georgia. Based on a preliminary design for the Iowa-class battleships, Georgia boasts an incredible top speed for a battleship with six monstrous 18-inch (457 mm) guns. Using these features in concert, Georgia can effectively brute force her way through many engagements. Apart from her offensive ability, she has comparable defenses to the Iowa with an improved repair party and signature American anti-aircraft firepower. There are 100 milestones to complete in the campaign over the next five weeks; players who finish the campaign with admiralty backing will earn the Georgia along with a pile of rewards.

A new line of American battleships is joining the fleet starting from Tier IV in early access. Firepower is the name of the game for these heavy hitters — the lightest you get is a salvo of ten 14-inch (356 mm) guns at Tier IV with Nevada, working your way up to an absurd salvo of twelve 16-inch (406 mm) guns aboard Kansas at Tier VII. The first three battleships: Nevada, Tennessee, and North Carolina, are available in this update in early access and can be obtained through new USN battleship containers. Kansas arrives in the next update. USN battleship containers can be earned through the campaign and the new bureau project: Star-Spangled Fleet.

The Star-Spangled Fleet bureau project is here just in time for Fourth of July celebrations in the United States. Throughout this all-American project, there are free permanent camouflages for American battleships of both tech trees, but the ultimate prize is a free premium American battleship—Oklahoma. This is the sister-ship to Nevada and was one of the fateful battleships irreparably sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor and is brought back to fighting form in World Of Warships: Legends.

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