NBA 2K22 Adds Special MyTeam Features For Next-Gen Consoles

2K Games revealed that those players who buy NBA 2K22 on the PS5 or Xbox Series X have some very special options for them in MyTeam. In the latest Courtside Report, the team detailed some of the changes that have been added for next-gen consoles, which include a more robust MyStaff system, new conditional coaching powers, new attributes, improvements to player training, and more. You can check out the full report here as we have a snippet and some screenshots for you below.

NBA 2K22
Credit: 2K Games

MyStaff is a dramatic change to how you approach a franchise in the big picture of NBA 2K22, and the staff you have will have immense effects both in terms of how your team performs in a given year, as well as the direction your franchise takes in the long run. To take a deeper dive, let's take a look at the Sports Medicine department, as well as the various jobs found within:

  • Team Doctor – Impacts all of the other Sports Medicine jobs, and in the event of a vacancy in the position, uses the Team Doctor's attributes and badges at half capacity.
  • Strength Trainer – Assists in the development of strength and vertical.
  • Stamina Trainer – Assists in the development of conditioning, stamina, and hustle.
  • Sports Psych – Impacts team chemistry and morale; without the presence of a strong Sports Psych, it's possible teams can tailspin into a negative cycle of morale and team chemistry drops.
  • Sports Scientist – Essential to the prevention of injuries, they help both give benefits in terms of player durability on individual body parts as well as reducing the chance to be injured.
  • Physio – The one that helps players rehab from injuries.
  • Sleep Doctor – Helps manage the health and wellness of players, allowing them to better manage season fatigue.

All of the jobs have been designed to be important and leave the player to make meaningful choices. Do you have a young and healthy team, and prefer to focus on having strong trainers? Or do you have a roster of older vets and the focus is more on injury prevention and mitigation?   These are questions that you'll have to ask and evaluate yearly as your lineup changes.

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