NecroCity Announced For Early Access Release In Early April

NecroCity is headed to Steam's Early Access next month, but no timeframe has been given for a full release before 2024.

Indie developer Shift Games and publisher Gameparic confirmed this week that NecroCity will be released into Early Access this April. The team previously released a prologue for players to check out that gave you a good idea of what the story will be, now you'll be getting a limited version of the game so you can try out the gameplay. The date for Early Access is currently set for April 5th, 2023.

Credit: Gameparic

"Welcome to NecroCity, a mix of city building, strategy, and tower defense. Defend your undead outposts from the persistent forces of the so-called "good"! Show those living what rattles your bones with an army of skeletons! Show your older brother that you are no longer a child! File your taxes! That's right, take on the role of the young Prince of Undead, trying to prove himself. Expand the bureaucratic glory of the Undead Kingdom across all the lands by establishing new outposts. Summon workers, mine bones, capture souls, and protect your Ziggurat at all costs. Place traps, employ ghosts and skeletons, use magic, add mods to spice things up, or ask your friends – Ghouls to help you out. It is up to you to pick the best strategy!"

"All is quiet in the Undead Kingdom, the land of order and structure, ruled by the bureaucratic Lich King. That is until his younger brother sets out to prove his worth and accidentally gets way over his head. Help the young Prince establish new outposts across the vibrant world and defend them from the stubborn heroes and other varying forces of good. Build your outposts on varied grid-based maps. Summon adorable skeleton workers to gather and produce resources and power your building with (Necro)Energy."

"Explore the area, adapt to your surrounding, and be prepared to face waves of enemies. Use active pauses in the game to develop a strategy. Build extravagant defenses, using walls to route your enemies and strategically placing traps. Turn your workers into deadly soldiers by building barracks and towers. Strengthen your defenses even further with a range of passive buildings and mods. With a unique system of mods, you can change the way your very defenses work. Add chain lightning to your fireballs, or use your enemies' very own life force to heal your soldiers! Or why not both? Mix and match different mods to better suit the situation you found yourself in."

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