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Miniland Adventure: Prologue Is Set To Release In March
Indie publishers Gameparic and PlayWay confirmed they will be releasing Miniland Adventure for PC, as the game comes out this April Originally they announced the game would be dropping in March, but it looks like they changed their minds and pushed the game back by a month, as the new PC release date is now April[...]
Indie developer Shift Games and publisher Gameparic confirmed this week that NecroCity will be released into Early Access this April The team previously released a prologue for players to check out that gave you a good idea of what the story will be, now you'll be getting a limited version of the game so you[...]
Miniland Adventure: Prologue Is Set To Release In March
Indie publisher Gameparic along with developer Imilkowski Dev confirmed this week that Miniland Adventure: Prologue is getting released next month The game will give you a chance to try out an opening prologue from the game as the team is working hard to finish up the primary title it matches with The prologue will be[...]
NecroCity: Prologue Set To Be Released In Early March
Indie developer and publisher Gameparic announced that NecroCity: Prologue will be getting a release the first week of March As the name suggests, this is basically an introduction to the game with five maps that you can explore and get a better idea of how the game will play The prologue will be released on[...]
Prepare For All Theing End-OfWorld With Bunker Renevator
Being developed by Gameparic and published by Games Incubator, this game will have you designing the ultimate shelter for the long haul Much like other house-flipper types simulators, you'll head out to a bunker and redesign it according to the requests made by the owners Or buy yourself and remodel it to help attract potential[...]
Gameparic Announces New Pixel Art Title Daomei Village
Indie game developer and publisher Gameparic announced today they have a new pixel art title on the way they're calling Daomei Village The game feels like a bit of a throwback to some of the classic '90s PC titles based on the art style, except this feels a bit more lush compared to the retro[...]
Project Wunderwaffe Releases New Gameplay Video
PlayWay and Gameparic have released a new developer diary this week for their upcoming game Project Wunderwaffe featuring new gameplay This new video will show off some of the mechanics of what you'll need to do as you build yourself a secret military base near the end of WWII in the hopes of making a[...]