Nerd Street Gamers Announces Valorant Showdown Event

Nerd Street Gamers along with T1 have announced a new esports event as the Valorant Showdown event will happen over the next two weeks. The event will be part of the Ignition Series and will take place over two weekends happening from June 20-21, then culminating between June 26-28. The tournament prize pool, which will be worth $50k, is the largest to date in the North American region. Primarily because the game is so new it hasn't had a chance to do big-money events like this yet. But the tournament will provide a rare opportunity for amateurs and aspiring pros to compete against some of the biggest names in esports. We have a few quotes from those involved below, and you can read more about it and register here.

The Valorant Showdown kicks off on June 20th, courtesy of Nerd Street Games.
The Valorant Showdown kicks off on June 20th, courtesy of Nerd Street Games.

"We're thrilled to partner with Nerd Street Gamers to bring Riot's first Valorant Ignition Series event to North America," said Joe Marsh, CEO of T1.  "In addition to T1's VALORANT team, we've invited some of the biggest names in gaming to battle it out for the record-breaking $50K prize pool in North America and look forward to sharing some exciting programming elements as we get closer to the event."

"It is incredibly exciting to see publishers like Riot Games embrace the amateur community by empowering Nerd Street Gamers and T1 to host tangible path to pro events like our upcoming qualifiers," said John Fazio, founder and CEO of Nerd Street Gamers. "Riot has acted on their commitment to support the competitive gaming scene, and we are looking forward to supporting both pros and amateurs for the Ignition Series in North America."

"From big-time partners to an impressive prize pool and the chance for amateurs to compete alongside household names, T1 and Nerd Street Gamers are helping us kick off North American Valorant esports in a big way," said Matt Archambault, head of NA esports partnerships and business development at Riot Games. "We have no doubt that the Showdown will be an incredible opening to the rest of the NA Ignition Series."

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