NetEase Games Has Relaunched Total War: Arena In China

Creative Assembly has partnered up with NetEase games to relaunch Total War: Arena into China, which finally happened this week. The deal basically came down to NetEase acquiring the exclusive publishing rights to the game to make it happen. What's more, the company intends to gather insights and feedback to "further refine and optimize Total War: Arena, with a later release in the rest of the world under consideration". On top of that, while the game hasn't come to the west yet, there's talk NetEase is looking into making it happen somewhere down the road.

NetEase Games Has Relaunched Total War: Arena In China
Credit: NetEase Games

Take on the role of the most brilliant military leaders to command the most effective armies the world has ever seen. Unlock new types of units, create and develop strong troop combinations and formats, upgrade your army with an extensive tech tree, and fight the most famous battles of all time with historic legends like Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Total War: Arena offers PvE and PvP modes for up to 20 players with more than 20,000 units battling on 12 different maps with unique and complex terrain which demands all of the player's strategic abilities for victory. The Chinese launch version includes four popular Total War factions – Rome, Greece, Barbarians and Carthage – each with their own unique leader, competing in a historical timeline starting from the Hellenistic era (B.C. 499) through to the Three Kingdoms period in China (A.D. 280).

  • Experience unique strategic team battles for up to 20 players fielding more than 20,000 units.
  • Lead legendary commanders from four different Total War factions to victory, including Julius Caesar, Hannibal and Alexander the Great.
  • Customize and upgrade hundreds of unit types within your army with an extensive tech tree, countless combinations and formations.
  • Use your strategic skills in PvP or PvE mode to destroy your enemies on 5 original and 7 completely new challenging maps featuring varied terrain and complexity.

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